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Self-Care Sanctuary

It's a Self-Care Affair...

Wellness and self-care are becoming ever more important, but each person has different ways of doing theirs. We've put together a few articles to inspire you to get creative and treat yourself to a little pamper - with DIY face masks, hair masks, candles and fizzing bath bombs, there's something for everyone to get stuck into. Take 10 out of your day to completely chill out and enjoy an at-home spa day.  Feel free to tag us at on Instagram if you try any of these at home!


Bath Bombs


Face Packs


Scented Candles


Hair Masks


Homemade Fizzing Bath Bombs

We've all experienced those bath bombs that explode into a chaos of glitter, petals or strong scents that we weren't quite expecting. By making your own fizzing bath bombs, you can indulge in a fun, family-friendly activity and have a wonderful product to show for it. Read on for some great crafty inspo and get stuck in.

Why not...  Make a batch of bath bombs to give away as gifts, for a cheaper and customisable alternative to shop bought products. 

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DIY Face Packs

We've put together a bunch of recipes for face masks to suit a range of skin types, and all made from readily available ingredients that we're sure you've already got in your store cupboard. Homemade face masks are perfect if you want to customise the mixture for your skin, reduce shop-bought packaging or just to get creative.  

Top Tip: Always apply masks onto dry, freshly cleansed skin and wash off with luke-warm water. *Self-care evening pending*

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Handmade Scented Candles

Making your own candles isn't as difficult as you may think - they can be as extravagant or as plain as you like.  Rather than buying candles that usually come out way too sweet, strong or fragrant, why not find your perfect balance by making your own? Let us take you through a step-by-step guide.

Top Tip: Use citronella oil to keep flies & bugs away, which can be super useful for outside spaces and much prettier than your typical fly catcher...

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Homemade Hair Masks

We're all about finding homemade alternatives to shop-bought, highly packaged products that contain ingredients we can't even pronounce. Tame that frizzy, dry or oily hair with one of our super easy hair masks. Keep reading to discover not only how to make them, but how to apply and store these masks.  

Disclaimer: Can be messy.

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