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Low Pressure Taps

Not all taps work in all homes. If you've got a low pressure water system, you'll need to choose a tap which is especially suited to lower water flow. You're certainly not alone - in the UK many homes still have low water pressure, so we've curated the best low pressure basin taps, as well as matching bath taps that are also suitable for reduced water flow so you can be safe in the knowledge that your beautiful new bathroom brassware will work perfectly in your home.You can also read more about water pressure in our handy guide.

At Drench we believe that you should be able to design a beautiful bathroom in your vision, regardless of your situation. If you’re concerned that you’re going to be restricted to a lack of choice, you couldn’t be any more wrong! We stock over 250 low pressure taps, including low pressure bath mixer taps. If you're looking for taps that double up as a shower too, you'll also find low pressure bath shower mixer taps with a hose, shower head, and a diverter to switch between the 2.

At first our selection of low pressure taps may seem overwhelming due to our comprehensive range, but you can soon narrow down your options by using the refine option on the left hand side of the page and setting preferences based on size, shape, price etc.

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