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Shop the Trend - Mixed Metals

If you’re looking to update your bathroom, why not bring it into 2024 by adding mixed metals to your bathroom decor!

This trend is very popular with interior designers this year as it’s quick, flexible & budget friendly. Simply by mixing tones, finishes and adding a few elegant accessories, you can create your metallic masterpiece. Whether your colour palette is more suited to the warmer metals of golds, brass and coppers or you prefer the cooler colours of chrome, nickel and steel - it’s easy to mix & match and create a sophisticated aesthetic that suits your taste.

Discover your own unique style and see what creative combinations you come up with, based on our hand picked suggestions below. If you fancy browsing a brand specific decor, choose from our top designer brands like Burlington, BC Designs, Arcade, Harbour, Crosswater & Bauhaus.

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