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Burlington Heating

Burlington has an excellent selection of traditional heated towel rails and radiator valves. A Victorian towel rail has an indescribable ambience about it, with bold lines and unique shapes, you get a radiator that looks so elegant that it could have been elegantly styled on the unique shape of a spider’s web. Don’t believe me, then look at the unique styling of the Burlington Vincent. It may not be in the circular shape of a web, but with its unique design it’s the only thing that it naturally resembles. Anyway more to the point, when you are looking at Burlington's range of radiators you will get a selection of floor mounted & wall mounted radiators. Furthermore some of these radiators have dual fuel compatible. Also because it’s Burlington you are assured that whichever designer radiator you pick, you will get one of the most gorgeous traditional radiators on the market.

We also have a selection of valves that are compatible with the radiators above them. Helping to make your shopping experience that little bit easier. Finally you can complete your traditional bathroom look with a selection of other Burlington products.

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