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Steam Free Mirrors

A misty mirror, the only downside of a nice long relaxing shower. You only have two options at this point. Either wait for what seems an eternity for the steam to disappear or wipe the steam off, thus leaving a dirty smear on your mirror for weeks. Nothing brings your morning routine to a halt like a foggy mirror.

For years we have suffered, but technology has allowed us to fight back! At Drench we have plenty of steam free bathroom mirrors which can prevent this annoyance from every occurring again. These heated mirrors come with a built in heated demister pad, eliminating steam and keeping your mirror clean.

Many of our steam free mirrors come with the added benefits of doubling up as illuminated bathroom mirrors, some even have extra features such as an integrated shaving socket. This finally means that your dream of owning a fog free shaving mirror can be finally be realised!

You don’t realise just how much impact a demisting bathroom mirror will have on your everyday life until you experience one. Don’t let yourself be tormented by a water based vapour ever again, you deserve better than that.

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