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Stainless Steel Taps

You may be wondering what the benefits of a stainless steel bathroom taps are, they don’t stand out as much as many other finishes yet warrant a greater price then chrome finished bathroom taps. A stainless steel tap provides a whole hosts of benefits in terms of quality, function and durability. One of the main differences between stainless steel and brass taps is the variation of interior surfaces. Stainless steel taps are as smooth on the inside as they are on the outside, thus meaning that the tap will remain uncontaminated. This also therefore means that there is no chance of any build-up of grime or dirt within the tap, ensuring that your waterways are always clean and fresh.

The brushed finish means that there will be a reduction of fingerprint marks left on your tap and it will constantly look freshly cleaned. Due to the strength of the material, scratches can be buffed out easily, meaning there is no need for a re-coat of polish. Getting a stainless steel tap will offer that extra security you may want in your bathroom, and guarantee years of life and function, demonstrating that it’s a very worthy investment.

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