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Methven was founded in 1886 in New Zealand as an iron and brass foundry by Scottish born George Methven. Fast-forward over 130 years and it has an excellent reputation as an award-winning premium bathroom brassware manufacturer with a heavy focus on quality and technology. It's only been in recent years that Methven has offered its excellent product range here in the UK, so you're not alone if the name doesn't ring a bell. That said, it is an exceptionally popular brand back home in New Zealand and Australia, and its innovative and stylish products have been going down a storm.

Methven has several unique technologies that underpin its product range, including the award-winning Satinjet®, which uses twin-jet tech to create optimum water droplet size and pressure, with over 300,000 droplets per second; Aurajet™, containing hidden nozzles angled against each other in order for the water to collide and create a denser, more luxurious flow of water; and FastFlow® technology to control the hot and cold mix in your shower and maintain a safe, constant flow and temperature, even with unequal water pressure.

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