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Reinforced & Armourcast Baths

Discover the ultimate in bath durability and luxury with our range of Reinforced & Armourcast Baths. Designed for enhanced strength, durability, and stability, these baths are perfect for high traffic bathrooms, offering exceptional longevity and performance.

In the past, cast iron was the go-to material for baths due to its robust nature. However, cast iron baths are expensive, cold to the touch, and notoriously heavy. Our reinforced acrylic baths provide a superior alternative, combining similar strength properties with a fraction of the cost and weight. 

In addition to their strength, our Reinforced & Armourcast Baths are designed with heat-retaining qualities, ensuring a warm and luxurious bathing experience. Whether you're renovating a family bathroom or outfitting a commercial space, our baths are the ideal choice for anyone seeking long-lasting performance and comfort.

Explore our range today and experience the perfect blend of strength, stability, and luxury.

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