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Bluetooth™ Bathroom Mirrors

We’re all partial to having a private karaoke session in the bathroom, but more often than not this has to be done a cappella for fear of dropping your phone in the bath or it getting damaged from the condensation build up in your bathroom. That is fine for the Mariah Carey’s of this world, but for the rest of us mere mortals, a backing track is normally welcomed.

There is now a way to enjoy your music or audiobooks in the bathroom without any risk to your phone - the Bluetooth bathroom mirror. Bluetooth bathroom mirrors have built-in speakers which play your music whilst your phone is safely in another room.

At Drench, the technology in our Bluetooth mirrors doesn’t end with the speakers; they all come equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting and many of them also come with heated demister pads which keep your mirror steam free, even after a hot shower or bath. Whichever Bluetooth™ mirror you choose, you’ll get a long guarantee, quick UK delivery and peace of mind that you’re buying from a brand you can trust.

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