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Freestanding Bath Taps

No freestanding bath is truly complete without a beautiful stand alone bath tap for company. Lucky for you at Drench we have a wonderful range of taps for floorstanding baths in both modern and traditional guises from leading brands such as Crosswater, Hansgrohe, Vado and more. Freestanding bath taps essentially do exactly what you would think - they stand directly on the floor next to your bath, and can be positioned wherever you feel is most appropriate. Freestanding bath shower mixer taps can be the focal point of your bathroom due to their striking appearance and luxury design.

Many of our freestanding bath mixer taps come with an added shower head attachment - a practical choice to rinse your bath down after use; or to wash your hair with. Alternatively, you can opt for the simple freestanding bath mixer with just a spout and control - ideal for a simple and elegant look.

Both our modern and traditional freestanding bath taps are manufactured in solid long lasting brass and are available in luxury finishes such as antique gold, polished chrome and nickel.

In order to find the perfect floor mounted tap for your bathroom you can narrow down your search by using the refine options on the left hand side of the page. Here you can set height, width and depth preferences, choose between different tap heads such as crosshead, joystick or lever and also decide between a square or curved shape, amongst many other categories.

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