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Hudson Reed

You may have already heard the name Hudson Reed floating around when searching for esteemed bathroom brands. It wouldn’t surprise us, as they are one of the most recognised bathroom names in the UK and for a good reason. With over 30 years of experience in the bathroom industry, they embody boundless ingenuity when amalgamating stunning, innovative designs with sought-after technology. An example of this is their patented Valquest thermostatic cartridge, revered to be of the highest spec, it can be found in a majority of their showers and works tirelessly to protect you from scalding and fluctuating temperatures.

Hudson Reed focus on bringing you a wide portfolio of luxury products at desirable prices. From striking showers to designer radiators, they have it all.Furthermore, sourcing all their products in the UK helps them to monitor their quality craftsmanship, making sure every product they sell is produced to the highest standard. Discover limitless potential here with our inclusive selection of the most lucrative Hudson Reed products, competitively priced to suit every budget.

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