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Crosswater Furniture & Ceramics

Crosswater bathroom furniture products are characteristically beautiful to look at, yet also ultimately practical and hard-wearing. Their sanitary ware is made from the distinctive vitreous clay and fine fireclay that has been designed and manufactured by authentic ceramic artisans in Civita Castellano, Italy. In a world full of cheap and cheerful copycat pieces, Crosswater's toilets and basins are refreshingly luxurious.

Despite this adherence to quality and tradition, Crosswater have embraced technology and what it can bring to your bathroom. From speakers with Bluetooth wireless tech through to subtle LED lighting and infra-red switches, Crosswater products mix craftsmanship with high-end luxury without the extortionate price tag. Their range of mirrors have built-in demisting pads to stop the steamy build up during your shower; and many also have built in clocks - nothing groundbreaking we will admit, but handy nonetheless.

Perhaps their most impressive product category is their absolutely stunning furniture collections. We could go on about how lovely they are, but pictures are worth more than our words, so take a look and see for yourself.

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