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Cleargreen Baths

Cleargreen Baths are the right choice for everyone! By purchasing one of these baths you will really be playing your part in helping out the environment. Every single bath produced by Cleargreen has been manufactured using 30% recycled materials. They have been bonded together to create a stronger material that can withstand an enormous weight of 2.3 tonnes. Add to this the steel reinforcing rods within the bath rims, and you have one of the most durable and rigid baths on the market.

Cleargreen Baths have been created in freestanding, single ended, double ended and showering bath designs. They have a selection of perfectly designed baths and here at Drench we offer a large selection of their range. Not only does each bath have a sense of finesse and style that will look warranted in any bathroom, but it will also retain heat for 30 minutes longer than a standard bath. Once you invest in Cleargreen Baths, you will forever have long-lasting hot baths and will never have to be disappointed again by a bath getting cold just as you’ve fully relaxed.

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