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Shower Seats

How can anyone miss out on the opportunity to install a shower chair in their bathroom? It has many uses including being another holder for your shower products or just being a seat! Who will need a bath anymore when you can sit in your shower? Feel the water flow over you like your sitting under a waterfall! Our shower seats are sure to give you the ultimate shower experience, with 10 year guarantees and a range of colours, you will never look back and view those that don't have a shower chair installed as inferior. Another benefit is that some of our seats are foldable, so when you don’t want to use it anymore it will easily fold away.

We also have a range of styles that include a Roper Rhodes classic looking shower seat, to some elegant looking wooden folding seats to help give the atmosphere of sitting in a sauna. From top brands like Roper Rhodes, Drench Alyssa & Gedy

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