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Drench Toilets & Basins

Come to shop Drench’s range of toilets and sinks? Well you won’t be disappointed with our extensive range of WC’s and basins. We have every type of toilet you may need, from the ideal standard toilet to a space saving corner toilet. In a range of modern and traditional styles and at amazing discounts! You will never have to make do with a lesser toilet if you shop our exclusive range of design-led quality toilets

Furthermore, when looking for a beautiful sink we have an extensive range to cater all your needs. From a cloakroom basin to a range of unusual sinks like our round Alana countertop basin. In a range of gorgeous styles that will fit in with every shaped bathroom, we will sell the ideal standard wash basin for you. At a range of discounted prices. Also with lengthy guarantees, you are sure to get a high quality trusted product.

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