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Crosswater Shower Trays

Crosswater shower trays are widely-renowned as being some of the best available. Whether it is the tried and tested acrylic anti-slip trays in a huge variety of sizes, or one of their newer materials, Crosswater has the perfect tray to suit your new bathroom. We particularly love their Plus+Ton ceramic shower trays - they are stain-proof, slip-proof, scratch-proof, anti-bacterial, relatively light, and almost 100% eco-friendly. They've actually been certified stain-proof according to the UNI4543/2 regulation and are designed in the UK and made in Italy.

Alternatively, the Crosswater stone resin trays are equally impressive, with a beautiful finish at an affordable price. Crosswater also offer tray raising kits for certain lines for those of you with concrete floors where the waste cannot be recessed under the floor level.

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