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Clearwater Baths

Clearwater is quite possibly our favourite brand when it comes to freestanding baths. They have collaborated with a network of internationally-renowned designer to create an absolutely stunning collection of baths in both traditional and modern designs. Clearwater use luxury materials including natural stones as well as more conventional acrylics, with the end result being a large number of baths that work perfectly as a standalone statement-piece in your new bathroom.

Their modern collection features baths with thinner rims, giving more space inside the bath whilst keeping the overall footprint of the bath to a minimum. Many of their baths are available in a larger size for when space is not at a premium, as well as a petite size which is smaller yet still amply spacious inside.

For a more traditional look and feel, Clearwater's roll top and slipper baths cover every installation and size requirement, with a range of matching bath feet options to create a unique look. For a fully coordinated look, some of the baths have matching countertop basins available which look every inch like a mini version of the bath itself, and are made from the velvety soft natural stone unique to Clearwater.

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