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Flat Towel Rails

At Drench we offer lots of different style flat heated towel rails, from luxury brands such as Reina and Crosswater. Available in a number of different fashionable finishes such as chrome or stainless steel these towel rails are guaranteed to add class to your bathroom. Flat panel radiators differ slightly in appearance from an ordinary towel rail, so if you’re looking for unique design and innovation, this is a great place to start. The flat frontal bars provide a larger surface area then other towel rails such as ladder rails or curved towel rails, therefore usually leading to greater BTU output. We understand that being faced with so many beautiful products can make decision time a difficult process. We therefore suggest that you use our refine feature on the left hand side of the page in order to help narrow down your results based on aspects such as height, width, price, fuel source and finish!

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