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Pura Furniture

Further surround yourself with Pura’s beautiful range of products. They have a gorgeous selection of designer bathroom furniture, with a range of wall mounted & freestanding pieces. They also have a selection of landscape and portrait mirrors. Their range of products are available in a range of sizes that will be able to fit any sized room, choose a beautiful wall mounted 800mm vanity unit for a larger bathroom, or choose from a range of charming cloakroom vanity units for smaller sized bathrooms

With a selection of colours also available, you can pick between dark brown, light brown, mirrored glass and white. This selection means you are able to mix and match their range of luxury furniture either with their range of irresistible taps or with another brands range of products. When accompanied with further products of your choosing you are assured to still have the same results, a sanctuary in your home that will be of your style, projecting qualities of comfort and luxury.

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