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Shaving & Vanity Mirrors

Below is our featured shaving and vanity bathroom mirrors. Our range of vanity mirrors come in a variety of shapes and styles, including magnifying and non-magnifying options. Choose from wall mounted cosmetic mirrors to our bathroom mirrors with lights and shaver sockets. These more modern mirrors are a perfect amalgamation of modern technology with common place mirrors to create a mirror beneficial to everyone. Pick from a selection of extendable bathroom mirrors that can be moved away from the wall and positioned in the most convenient spot for shaving or putting on make-up.

Our shaving mirrors come available in a number of styles and added features. These include the availability of extending shaving mirrors and bathroom mirrors with lights and shaving socket. This will help to give you added assistance when shaving at home.

Also our cosmetic mirrors can be extendable and also are available as illuminated bathroom mirrors. These types of vanity mirrors help to ensure that you will be given additional natural light to help in the application of make-up. To help in your decision, try clicking through our filters so that you can find the perfect mirror for you.

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