World Toilet Day, Get Engaged!

Without toilets how would we stay healthy? Germs in human waste spread disease, open defecation makes living conditions intolerable. Even though a toilet is one of the most basic human rights, one in three of the world’s population don’t own a toilet. Between 2009 and 2015 Water Aid's ambition is to provide a further 25 million people with safe water, improved sanitation and hygiene. This is done by influencing the policies and practices of various governing bodies.

This year, for the first time, World Toilet Day has been recognised as an official day by the UN. To celebrate this, help make Louie the Loo a star and spread the word by sharing the below video on your Facebook wall or on your Twitter feed.

Toilets from around the Globe

After scouring the world for the best and most shocking toilet pictures, here are a selection of some of the most weird yet wonderful toilets, you will ever see.



London, England - Sketch Restaurant

Within the realms of Sketch, a bustling hub for food, art and music in the epicentre of London is a bathroom like no other. Inside the bathroom is an arrangement of 12 giant oblong eggs of which like being in the scene of an alien movie one would expect to find a cryogenically frozen body. Instead each egg houses a unisex toilet and provides a relaxing haven for one do their business.


Tokyo, Japan - Ten & Chi, Lemina Building

Slightly disturbing but unarguable fascinating at the same time, the Ten & Chi Lemina Building in Tokyo host a bathroom that provides a moving experience. Once the user is sat comfortably, a huge head from the floor to the ceiling moves towards them whilst music with manic singing blares. The head continues to moves toward, stops and plants a larger than life kiss on ones knee.



China - Guangzhou - Beijing Train

Cop a squat on this lovely steel tray toilet. When you flush you get to experience a glimpse of the track below. No matter what class you are sat in you get the pleasure of using this beauty. With no tank to empty and people avoiding the train tracks all is expelled!



South Africa - Closer Settlement

The South African government are responsible for this stunning arrangement of toilets stretched over a large field.  With the intention to provide low cost housing for people they first built these toilets to stake each lot, with people still waiting for houses.



Bolivia - Short Stone Toilet Lincanabur Volcano

5900 meters above sea level, the Lincanabur Volcano straddles the border between Bolivia and Chile. The air around the short stone toilet is so thin that users of the toilet are advised not to overexert themselves in case of altitude sickness.



Vietnam - Sail Thru Toilets

The sail through toilets at Halong Bay are ideal for those on the water.  With no need to park up you just shimmy on out of your boat and pop in.



Hong Kong, Hang Fung Jewellers - World most expensive toilet

This 24k gold toilet is a feature of Hang Fung jeweller’s solid gold bathroom in Hong Kong.  Built by jeweller Lam Sai-wing in 2001 this solid 24 carat gold toilet is coated with diamonds and also everything surrounding including sink, tiles, and doors. The toilet today is worth more than £17,000, the fully working toilet boasts a state-of-the-art automatic flushing system but is off-limits to tourists. Visitors have to wear plastic covers over their shoes to avoid scuffing the 900-gram gold bars embedded in the floor. Apparently, the showroom has done its job — some guests have requested their own golden bathroom accessories following their visit.



NASA – International Space Station Toilet

This £11,000 out of the world toilet system NASA had built was delivered to the international Space Station in November 2008.  The toilet comes with leg braces to help position the astronauts while they do their business. The system uses fans to suck everything down into a septic tank where it is filtrated through a three step process to make all waste into pure drinking water. It seems that NASA took the economical route!

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