Warmth and Wonder - New Arrivals for August

Oh, August. A time for baking oneself under the blistering sun, frolicking through the summer breeze and jollying off on a holiday where we can truly relax and recuperate. And possibly for some, drink a bit too much and end up a certain shade of lobster…

But the bathroom and interior design world never stops. Not even for mojitos. So, if you’re suffering from pre- or post-holiday blues and need some home inspiration then you’re in the right place. And if you’re lucky enough to be with mojito-in-hand, don’t worry, we won’t blame you for having a read either.



Butler & Rose Caledonia

When it comes to designing a bathroom we tend to think there are two differing styles that you can go for – modern and traditional. And whilst this may be largely true, there are in fact so many variations and intricate details across the bathroom world that can help to create a space full of Edwardian charm, Scandinavian minimalism or Victorian splendour. Now, we probably shouldn’t be too biased about it, but we absolutely adore ‘traditional’ bathrooms and all of the wonderful minutiae that comes with it. Especially when brand new, classical brassware arrives from Butler & Rose in the form of their Caledonia range.

An enchanting amalgamation of solid brass and white ceramic, Caledonia is available with three different styles of tap handle – Cross, Lever and Pinch. With a sleek and slender shape and curves in all of the right places, these traditional bathroom taps are the way forward if you’re looking to create an exquisite restroom bursting with serenity and suiting for Queen Victoria herself. The entire collection uses the latest in ceramic disc technology for the best durability and is suitable for homes with both low and high water pressure. And if you weren’t already sold on this beautiful range of traditional brassware, they’re also available in a stunning, luxury nickel finish for those looking for a little diversity.




Darcy Sanitaryware + Vanity Units

Now, for those contemporary design aficionados you needn’t have to worry; August’s arrivals cover some seriously statement features and technological masterpieces for your budding revolutionary bathroom. Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves though, especially when we’ve got Darcy here to guide us through the wonders of period sanitaryware.

After a heated debate between our traditional design addicts here at Drench, we’ve decided that we’ve never seen such a perfectly styled collection ever before. Combining Edwardian beauty and refined construction together, the Darcy range consists of a basin and pedestal, vanity unit and three toilets – close coupled, low- and high-level. If you’re searching for the most authentically classic look possible, the high-level toilet with simply gorgeous chrome flush pipes and intricate cast iron detailing is nothing short of an exceptional choice.

Period style is a finicky thing – even the most similar of designs can have minute details and differences in shape that can cause you a bit of a headache if you’re not sure what’s what. Fortunately Darcy makes this a whole lot easier with its stunning vanity unit available in Vanilla and French Grey. Topped off with a white, vitreous ceramic Belfast basin and with plenty of space for a traditional basin mixer or pair of ornate hot and cold taps, this furniture is an affordable and luxury option for any up-and-coming period setting.




Thermogroup's WiFi Thermotouch Collection

“So where are these supposed technological masterpieces?” I hear you cry. Well, we’re not ones for false promises at Drench, so perhaps the latest range of thermostats from Thermogroup will be enough to get your hi-tech senses tingling.

A practical and innovative addition to your home, the Thermotouch collection consists of three types of thermostat – manual, programmable and WiFi-connected. If it was down to us, the WiFi enabled unit is the obvious and only choice given the increasingly connected world in which we live. It gives you complete flexibility and precision control of your energy consumption using your smartphone or tablet, helping to save pounds and pennies from your bill in the long run (10% annually according to the Department of Energy).

On the way home from work on a cold, winter’s night? A few taps on your smartphone and your home will switch to toasty mode and welcome you with a comforting warmth when you arrive. Left in the morning in a rush and forgotten to turn off the heating? A couple of left and right swipes on your tablet and you won’t be needing to dash home during your lunch to turn the darn thing off.

Constructed with reinforced glass and available in black and white, the Thermotouch range has a straightforward settings menu, simple temperature adjustment and doesn’t require any additional hub or subscriptions whatsoever. And where would we be without a guarantee? The entire collection comes covered by a 3 year warranty to put your mind at ease.



RAK Sanitaryware + Rimless Toilets

If you haven’t heard of the latest trend that’s sweeping the bathroom industry, now might be a good time to check out what the deal is with rimless toilets.

Aside from the obvious aesthetic improvement, rimless toilets are a far more hygienic option to the traditional rimmed style by preventing the build-up of bacteria in any hidden nooks and crannies. They’re also friendlier for the environment given that less water is used with each flush, but without sacrificing on flushing power. The water flow is forced vertically and horizontally around the bowl to ensure that every part is left clean and sparkling.

RAK Ceramics are a firm favourite within the bathroom world for their simply wonderful sanitaryware and cutting-edge design. Carefully crafted from fine, vitreous china, the Resort Wall Hung Rimless Toilet is perfect for contemporary bathrooms and en-suites due to its slim profile and minimal style. Once paired up with a wall hung frame and concealed cistern it adds a real sense of space and openness to the room. And if you aren’t convinced that a wall hung toilet is right for your bathroom, the RAK Resort range consists of standard and tall close-coupled rimless toilets with matching basins for a cohesive look.

For a splash more creativity and curve, the Tonique range contains every bit of sanitaryware you’ll need for your home. Humble in design yet packed full of character and quality, Tonique is available from just £69.98 for those working with a slightly tighter budget.




Phoenix Designer Radiators

When we talk about radiators it’s easy to think of them as not much more than a white, horizontal panel that simply warms the room and ensures anything dropped behind it is lost forever. And whilst radiators like this are still around and used for homes and businesses alike, there’s also thankfully a massive range of contemporary and traditional designer radiators in all manner of shapes and sizes. It’s amazing how much of a difference a unique silhouette can make to any room, adding a slice of luxury and something for your guests to marvel over.

More than enough reason to get enormously excited about our new arrival radiators from Phoenix. Firmly grounded in contemporary style, their latest designer radiators feature some seriously distinctive shapes and plenty of practicality.

For an ultra-modern look, the Scala Vertical Radiator is crafted from stunning carbon steel and has an alluring rounded profile with ample room for all the towels you might ever need. Covered by a comprehensive 5 year guarantee for your peace of mind, the Scala is available in a white or anthracite finish to suit your style and panache.

If you’re looking for something a little more standard in shape but by no means standard in anything else, the Eon Double Panel Aluminium Radiator is a superb choice. Expertly constructed from the finest quality aluminium, this vertical radiator gives out almost double the heat output of its single panel baby brother, providing an entire room with comfort and warmth within minutes.

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