Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa Retreat

Christmas is fast approaching and we’re all starting to feel the sudden chill of winter. What better way of battling the December blues than to snuggle up in the warm and bring a little bit of luxury pampering into your bathroom. At this time of year, money can be a little tight and economising in the form of ‘at home’ treats can be a fantastic choice. That’s right; it’s the perfect time to transform that old and weary bathroom into a 5 star luxury spa retreat. Here are a few handy tips to set you on your way…


Whirlpool or chromotherapy baths

Adding a whirlpool bath into a bathroom is one of the first things that people think of when creating their own spa space within the home. If you can afford a bath with built in water jets then it can really make a difference to your bathroom, not to mention the value of your home. If not, then there are plenty of affordable external whirlpool systems that will universally fit almost any bath – lovely bubbly! Alternatively, you could add some chromotherapy lighting into your bath or bathroom. Chromotherapy, also known as colour therapy or colorology, is a complimentary medicine method using coloured lights that revive and relax. .

Rain showers

A standard spritz in the shower can quickly become a little uninteresting over time, especially if your shower head is so small you spend your entire time in the shower spinning yourself around to keep every part of your body warm (we’ve all done it). If your water pressure will allow, consider trading up your boring old shower for a premium rain shower. A constant barrage of water over your entire body can be just as refreshing as a dip in the pool.

Go natural

Allowing a little bit of the outside into your home is a perfect way to bring a relaxing and organic feel into the bathroom. Choosing a natural stone freestanding bath tub or basin will bring in some natural mineral textures. You can take this a step further, if you have the budget, by adding a pebbled stone floor to the bathroom. It looks absolutely stunning but it will definitely set you back a fair few pennies.

Adding a bit of greenery can also add some new life to a bathroom. If you’re going for a ‘Zen’ type feel in the bathroom then placing an orchid near to a window can do wonders in creating a natural feel. If you’re looking to add a bit more greenery into the room then a handful of spider plants look fantastic draped over shelving.

To add a further bit of texture, consider adding a handful of bamboo shoots around the room, be that attached to the wall or added to a pot. The additional of the earthy colours and smooth texture brings an essence of the orient and a calming feel.

Get musical

Whether it’s a little bit of drum and bass or a large serving of whale song that gets you into that relaxed mood, make sure you make your bathroom musically friendly. There are plenty of bathroom mirrors and cabinets on the market today that contain wired or wireless inputs for MP3 players or smartphones so you can get your groove on in the bathroom. If that seems a little out of budget, you could always invest in a Bluetooth shower speaker. There are loads of different designs and types on sale and they have the added benefit of keeping your pricey electronics safe outside of the shower zone – result!

Turn up the heat

No one likes a cold, unwelcoming bathroom so invest some funding into an efficient bathroom radiator. There are loads of fantastic designs available to suit almost any bathroom design from the humble standard rail towel warmer to some more exotic and elaborate stone designs. The added heat in the bathroom can provide a relaxing ‘sauna-esque’ feel of absolute luxury. If you want to take it a little step further, you might consider adding some underfloor heating to the bathroom. There’s no better feeling than stepping out of the tub after a long soak onto a nice warm floor.

Soak in luxury

Adding a few cheap and simple additions to your bath and the surrounding space can really increase that luxurious feel and make it a lot easier to relax. Consider investing in a handful of standard or aromatherapy candles and scattering them across the bath edge to create a chilled out atmosphere. Bath bombs and aromatherapy oils can also have the same effect and they don’t have to put you out of pocket.

Dim it down

Creating a luxury ambient space is easily achievable with dimmable lights. It’s a well-known fact that depriving yourself of the senses puts the body in its most relaxed state. A lot of spa’s around the country will have ‘Sensory deprivation tanks’ in which you will be immersed in a water tank of absolute darkness and silence. The same concept (although not as extreme) can be adapted in the home. Taking away as much light from the bathroom as possible (without endangering yourself in absolute darkness) using dimmable lighting is the perfect way to recreate that relaxed spa atmosphere.


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