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5 Stunning Anthracite Radiators for Under £250

Anthracite radiators are becoming increasingly popular in homes all over the country, thanks to their contemporary, sophisticated yet beautifully understated look. Their popularity is continuing to grow and we at Drench are proud of our huge range of stunning anthracite radiators available.

One of the best things about anthracite radiators is their versatility. They can be styled to suit practically any household interior, with the stunning modern finish adding a touch of class to the room without overdoing it.

But doesn’t that level of style, sophistication and timeless beauty comes at a price? Granted, many of the high end anthracite radiators have a slightly eye-watering price tag, but there are hundreds of low budget options online that still offer the same durability, quality and sophistication you’d expect from the more expensive models.

At Drench, we’ve got a range of stunning anthracite radiators that suit practically any budget. So if you’re purse strings are a little tight, you can still treat your bathroom, kitchen or living room to something new.

Feeling inspired to dive into the world of beautiful anthracite radiators? Here’s our top 5 anthracite radiators for under £250.

1 - Reina Nevah Horizontal Single Panel Designer Radiator

First on the list we’ve got the stunning Reina Nevah single panel designer anthracite radiator. This model is sleek and sophisticated, with a beautifully contemporary design. Like most anthracite radiators, it looks beautifully at home in a contemporary styled room, or anywhere with that modern monochrome look.

This model comes in 8 different sizes meaning it can be slotted into virtually any size of room. It’s extremely functional as well as versatile, made from mild steel with a great heat output. Depending on the size you choose, it can be powered by either central heating, dual fuel or electricity.

2 - Reina Casina Aluminium Single Panel Horizontal Designer Radiator

Another beautifully modern anthracite radiator is this single panel horizontal model, also by Reina. The flat panels are effortlessly modern, while the glossy anthracite finish look great in any room, whether you opt for monochrome or a splash of colour.

Like all Reina products, this anthracite radiator is high quality and functional. It’s made from lightweight aluminium, has a great heat output and is powered by either central heating, dual fuel or electric. It comes with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee and is available in 6 different sizes.

3 - Reina Belva Aluminium Single Panel Horizontal Designer Radiator

For another anthracite radiator that looks simply stunning in a contemporary home, allow us to introduce the Reina Belva, a single panel horizontal designer radiator available in 6 different sizes.

This beautiful model is made from lightweight aluminium and looks at home in virtually any room in the house, whether it’s a modern and minimalist living room, or a cute and cosy bedroom. The semi-gloss anthracite finish will never go out of style, while the modern single panel design is both modern and lightweight. It’s powered by central heating, dual fuel or electric and comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

4 - Brenton Flat Single Panel Vertical Radiator

Vertical anthracite radiators can look stunning in any room of the house, and this Brenton flat panel model offers an incredible look alongside great value. The 1800mm height is elegant and contemporary, but the size also means the heat output is fantastic, and it can be used to heat virtually any sized room, whether it’s a kitchen, living room, hallway or bedroom.

5 - Brenton Onda Anthracite Wave Radiator

We always like to end with something a bit wacky, and this Brenton Onda is perfect if you’re after something a little more eye catching. The unique wave shape makes this radiator a stand out feature in any room of the house, while the bold anthracite finish only adds to your interior style points.

This model is made from mild steel which makes it seriously durable, and it has a good heat output. It’ll keep virtually any size of room warm and cosy during those winter months, while working as an eye-catching feature piece when not in use! It comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee, and still costs well under £250.

Everlasting Beauty

An anthracite radiator is the perfect way to add a little more contemporary style to your home, and our selection means you don’t have to blow your entire household budget on just one room! We hope this has given you a taste for anthracite radiators, and allowed you to see what this stunning finish can bring to your home. Remember, these are only 5 of our favourite anthracite radiators under £250, so if you’re after more inspiration or you’ve got a bit more to spend, then check out our full range here.

As always, if you have any questions or need more advice, we are only a phone call away. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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