The Complete Guide to Shower Enclosures: Choosing the Right Type of Shower for You

Today we've decided to bring you a complete guide on shower enclosures bundled up with some of our best advice on just how to pick the right product for you.

As usual, all of the fantastic home bathroom items shared here are available on our fabulous store, so anything that takes your fancy can soon hold pride of place in your home’s bathroom.

When we’re done, you’ll know exactly how to choose a shower enclosure. And you’ll be privy to many of the best designs the world of home bathroom design has ever produced. 

Shower Enclosures

There is no set approach when it comes to selecting your new shower enclosure, of which we stock hundreds right here on our beautiful online store.

Shower enclosures come in all shapes and sizes so, whether you are looking to equip your large master bathroom with a glorious shower enclosure or kit out your cloakroom bathroom with a discreet shower unit, you will be awash with choices.

In this article, we shall not only share our favourite shower enclosure choices but also provide some useful fit and accessory discussions, as well as potential scenarios in which each shower enclosure would prove most appropriate.

Square Shower Enclosures

Let’s kick things off with the square shower enclosure – one of the most popular enclosure shapes due to the average size of UK bathrooms. The other convenience of the square shower enclosure is the range of door operation designs that pertain better to a square design, including pivot, bi-fold and frameless shower innovations.

It’s often hard for us to pick favourites when we deal with so many fantastic home bathroom products, and the square shower enclosure is no different.

However, if we had to choose a firm contender, we couldn’t go far wrong with this Harbour i8 Easy Clean 8mm Infold Shower Door Optional Side Panel costing just £319.99.

This wonderfully sleek modern infold square shower enclosure is convenient to use, clean and fit, and built from 8mm safety glass to withstand everyday knocks as well as keep young children safe. Further reassurance is to be found in Harbour’s lifetime guarantee.

The i8 comes in a great selection of sizes to suit bathrooms of every dimension and its infold design makes the most of space within smaller bathrooms, though it’s a fantastic choice for bathrooms of any size.

A great example of less being more, the i8 is as effective as it is simply designed.

Rectangular Shower Enclosures

If you have a home bathroom of longer and thinner dimensions – or just a great space to fill – then you may well opt for a rectangular shower enclosure design.

These shower enclosure designs are often highly luxurious, featuring all manner of safety glass thickness, as well as additional panel options. They also provide a vaster canvas when it comes to choosing your tiling and other shower enclosure interior choices.

First on your rectangle shower enclosure review should be this Harbour Status Matt Black Framed Easy Clean 8mm Black Glass Walk In Shower, Flipper Panel & Optional Side Panel for just £299.99.

Harbour have knocked it out of the park with this stunning edgeless matt black glass design, creating the perfect shower enclosure to suit modern monochrome bathrooms.

It’s contemporary excellence, with statement-making dark glass topped off by matt black hinges for an ultra-classy shower enclosure. And it brings you mountains of choice with main panel with flipper and additional panel options. The glass is Acqua Shield-treated for an easy clean experience and Harbour have topped it off with their reliable lifetime guarantee.

For a simple, sophisticated and minimal rectangle shower enclosure, look no further than this Harbour Status. It’s one of our best-selling shower enclosures and it’s easy to see why.

Curved Shower Enclosures / Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Sometimes you just don’t want to follow the straight lines set out for you in life. In the world of shower enclosures, this means selecting a curved shower enclosure or quadrant shower enclosure.

If you have an innovative bathroom design, you should consider rounding it off with an innovatively shaped shower enclosure. These designs can consist of a single curved corner, D-shape or quadrant corner with elongated straight side – the options are almost as limitless as your imagination, with dreamy aesthetics to match.

The quadrant or curved shower enclosure is one of your surest routes to inventive bathroom excellence. It’s also a fantastic space-saving and space-maximising feature, enabling you to make the most of awkward corners while taking up less bathroom space overall.

One of our customer favourite is the Harbour i8 Easy Clean 8mm 1-Door Quadrant Shower Enclosure (left), costing just £299.99. This wonderful curved shower enclosure features Acqua Shield coating for swift, simple cleaning, an extra-thick 8mm door for strong and sturdy entry and exit, and a reversible design for left- or right-handed access. And as with all Harbour goodies, this quadrant shower enclosure is guaranteed for life.

We couldn’t pick just one curved shower enclosure for this section and so we have selected another must-see quadrant enclosure option.

The Eastbrook Volente Curved Corner Shower Enclosure & Shower Tray (right) costs £889.98 and is intuitively designed so that it can either stand alone as a corner shower or be added to an existing square or rectangular shower enclosure with tray.

It is minimal, versatile and exquisitely styled. The shower tray itself is also somewhat of a marvel thanks to its acrylic capped stone resin construction. The Volente is 1850mm tall and features a 10 year manufacturer guarantee.

Sliding Shower Enclosures

Next up, we have the increasingly popular sliding shower enclosure, growing in demand thanks to its elegant and understated appearance as well as simple operation.

One of our top choices when recommending sliding showers is this Crosswater Ten Sliding Shower Door & Optional Side Panels and at just £785.99 you can see why.

Minimalism is the key word when it comes to this Crosswater sliding production. And if you cannot set it into a recessed space as we have shown on our site, you have access to optional side panels for positioning wherever you’d like within your bathroom space.

The Crosswater Ten is made of impressive 10mm thick safety glass to prevent accidents and is available in a range of sizes. It is also reversible to suit your bathroom layout perfectly.

Crosswater Clear is the brand’s own invisible coating concoction to protect against limescale and provide total cleaning without any need for harsh or abrasive cleaners. It’s just another of the features that makes Crosswater products such a good choice of shower enclosure.

If you want one of the suavest shower enclosures on the market, this should be right up there with your other considerations.

Corner Shower Enclosures

If you are looking to save space or make the most of a limited space within your home bathroom, our corner shower enclosures may be the perfect solution for you. There is no better way to use up a hard-to-fill corner while ensuring that you are filling that corner in the most stylish manner possible.

For those seeking a corner shower enclosure, we present the Harbour Leo Corner Entry Shower Enclosure for just £139.99. This is one of our favourite affordable shower enclosures of any design. It has double doors for easy access, 5mm safety glass construction and adjustability to fit out-of-true walls, all presented neatly within an impressively simple polished chrome frame that blends durability with good looks.

Oh, and like all things Harbour, it features a dependable lifetime manufacturer guarantee.

Bi-Fold Shower Enclosures

Those looking for a creative shower enclosure will without a doubt be enticed by our bi-fold shower enclosures. The bi-fold shower gets its name from its double-folding doors that open inward along the shower’s internal walls, rather than externally. This makes for an excellent space-saving solution that is easy to access, easy to fit, and easy to enjoy!

The Drench team loves bi-fold shower enclosures for the new possibilities that they bring home bathroom decorators and we can’t wait to see what designers do with this relatively fresh concept in the future.

If you are considering a bi-fold shower enclosure then you must check out the Crosswater Edge 6mm Bi-Fold Shower Door & Optional Side Panel, available for just £289.99. This is a great example of the bi-fold shower’s potential, with reversibly-designed inward sliding panels to finish your bathroom off just right.

This minimal design fits wonderfully into tight spaces and will be the perfect solution to that troublesome bathroom corner you’ve been struggling to fill. And as you’ve come to expect from our selection, the Edge features toughened safety glass as well as a lifetime guarantee.

Frameless Shower Enclosures

The frameless shower enclosure is another wonderful shower enclosure alternative that is sure to have guests shaking their head in admiration.

These intriguing designs are usually created with much stronger glass for obvious reasons and are incredibly popular due to their unbeatable minimalism. If you want to make a statement with your bathroom’s new interior, then frameless may be an excellent choice for you.

The Crosswater Zion 10mm Hinged Shower Door, Inline Panel & Optional Side Panel is one of our most popular frameless shower enclosures and at £854.97 is also incredibly good value. The Zion’s frameless 10mm toughened glass is finished off with delightful stainless-steel hinges and is 100% reversible for the utmost fitting versatility.

In-house ClearShield glass conditioning protects against all stains and chemicals, while Crosswater's proven lifetime guarantee protects against everything else.

Walk In Showers

Following on with our reductionist theme, we present our range of walk in shower enclosures. If you are looking for the apex in aesthetics and have a large bathroom space that you wish to fill in the grandest manner possible, then a walk in shower enclosure may be your golden ticket. These are the best choice for those seeking to create their own wetroom bathroom design.

Consider the Vellamo Matt Black Framed Adjustable Height 8mm Easy Clean Wetroom Panel for just £269.99. This is one of our most popular walk in shower designs thanks to Vellamo’s signature matt black finish, which makes it a winning choice for any monochrome bathroom setup.

Available in 4 sizes and constructed of 8mm toughened glass with everyone’s favourite Acqua Shield coating, this is a truly gorgeous shower enclosure that will carry any bathroom into the heights of luxury. It’s also designed intelligently with 15mm adjustment for pairing perfectly with out-of-true walls.

What more could you want?

Bespoke Shower Glass at Drench

If you're struggling with a lofted bathroom or just an awkward bathroom space, we can also source bespoke shower glass in virtually any size so you don't need to worry about finding the right measurements pre-made. You can select framed or frame-less glass depending on your style, and you can even get hold of our stunning matt black and gold frames, alongside frosted or tinted glass too like in the pictures below.

And if that hasn't quite knocked your socks off, we also offer a home measure and home installation service via a third party to keep your shower experience as hassle-free as possible.

If you love the sound of getting your own bespoke shower glass, get in touch with our team and they'll put their best quote together for you.

Endless Shower Enclosures

As you have no doubt gathered from this in-depth review of Drench’s favourite shower enclosures, there is absolutely no shortage when it comes to selecting the perfect shower enclosure for you and your family’s needs.

Ensure that you take your time when browsing our complete shower enclosure range and you will come away with the best designed, best value and best showering experience possible.

That’s all for now – we’ll leave you to let all the information we have just shared wash over you… good luck in your search!

Here to Help

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