The Best of Old & New: Traditional Bathrooms with Modern Technology


Over the last couple of decades the bathroom industry has seen a steady stream of innovation and new technology. Wow-factor items such as tiled wet room floors, bathroom televisions, mirrors with integrated speakers, easy-clean glass coating, soft-close seats, frameless showers, water-saving cisterns, concealed cisterns and a slew of other advancements are nowadays not only possible but affordable too.

But what if the style of bathroom that really floats your rubber duck is an opulent Victorian-style suite, and anything else would simply look out of place? Luckily, there are a number of manufacturers that are including great innovative technology hidden behind a traditional facade.

One such manufacturer is Burlington. They manufacture a great range of traditional bathroom products, including high and low level toilets, traditional baths and one of the biggest range of traditional basins we have ever seen.

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Let's take a look at some of the things they are doing to bring the traditional bathroom into the modern era:

Nanoglaze Coating

All toilet bowls and Classic basins are coated with Nanoglaze easy clean coating. This closes up the pores in the ceramic and makes it harder for dirt to stick.

Box Rims

All Burlington WCs have box (as opposed to open) rims. This is more difficult to manufacture, but it does ensure that the water from the flush is correctly spread on the pan internal, making sure the pan is properly cleaned with each flush.

Dual Flush Cistern Levers

Traditional toilets usually look best with a leverflushwitharrowsconventional ceramic cistern lever. Burlington's cistern levers are dual flush, much like a modern push button toilet. Push the lever down for a full flush, and up for a half flush. Even the high level toilets have dual flush mechanisms as standard - the 'chain' is actually a rigid chrome pipe allowing you to push it up as well as pull it down as you normally would.

Adjustable Flush Capacity

In recent times, the most common toilet flush standard is 6 litres for a full flush, and 3 litres for a half flush. Some manufacturers have been making toilets that flush just as effectively using as little as 4.5/2.5 litres, saving water as well as money. Burlington has gone one step further and introduced an easily adjustable flush that can actually be changed during installation to suit.

Invisible Overflow & Waste

Burlington's classic basins come with an optional invisible overflow. This means that there is no conventional plug hole at the bottom of the basin, and no overflow hole on the side. The hidden overflow effectively stops the basin from overflowing. (Incidentally there is nothing new about this technology, and it was actually used as early as the 19th century! Nevertheless, we feel it deserves a mention for being impressive even today!)

Basin waste section - half full version

Ceramic Disc Taps

Many traditional style bathroom taps are now available with ceramic disc cartridges instead of the conventional rubber washer. This means you only rotate the tap 90 degrees to go between full flow and off. Ceramic discs last much longer than washers and rarely drip like their washer counterparts.

Combining Old With New

There's nothing stopping you combining such luxuries as a tiled wet room floor, or a waterproof bathroom television with a traditional bathroom suite. The great thing about bathrooms is the abundance of choice available to you, allowing you to easily create a bathroom as individual as you are.


To view the complete range of Burlington products click here.


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