Soap and Sophistication - New Arrivals for June

We spend thousands of hours searching for the latest and greatest in bathroom design. So much time in fact, that many of us find ourselves waking up in the middle of the night shaking from bathroom-related night terrors.

We’ve realised something though. Although we may be bathroom maestros and live and breathe the newest sanitaryware, everyone else might not be quite so informed...

So without further ado, welcome to Drench’s New Arrivals Series – a monthly update of lovely new products that you certainly don’t want to be missing out on.


Jeremy Accessories 

Often overlooked and unloved, accessories are essential when it comes to adding the finishing touches to your bathroom. After all, what would be the point in meticulously planning every last feature of the room for you to then neglect the smaller details?

Perfect for any aspiring contemporary setting, the Jeremy range of accessories are an amalgamation of beautiful, polished chrome and stunning, frosted glass. Crafted from solid zinc alloy for the absolute best in durability, the collection contains a bathroom fitting for every area of your restroom. If you’re looking for luxury bathroom accessories at a more than affordable price, with a clean minimalist design and universal style, then Jeremy might just be the range for you.

Bathroom fittings come in all manner of shapes and sizes, but the Jeremy range has all of its curves and edges in exactly the right places. We know that accidents can happen – cracked a glass shelf or chipped some chrome off the corner? No worries, these modern bathroom accessories come with a lifetime guarantee so that your mind can rest easy. A definite favourite of ours here at Drench.



Megan Toilet Units

From time to time we often find that things aren’t quite as they seem. Maybe you’ve spent weeks planning your bathroom redesign, or months buying a new dream home, only to find that you don’t actually have as much space to work with as you had hoped or that your budget is a little tighter around the waistband than expected.

Fortunately, Megan is here to save us. Combining a basin vanity unit, back-to-wall toilet and concealed cistern together is the perfect way of saving on cost and room. It gives you an abundance of bathroom storage and keeps everything looking clean and tidy. The Megan combination basin and toilet units are available in three luxuriously modern finishes – gloss white, grey and black ash. We genuinely can’t decide which of the exquisite colours our favourite is, but we do know every one of them is an undoubted crowd pleaser.

Indulgence doesn’t have to come at a price – starting from just £319.99, the Megan combination vanity unit is fully flexible with its option to have either soft close doors or drawers with your setup. Durability is absolutely key here. The basin is crafted from the hardest polymarble resin around and the concealed dual-flush cistern has full WRAS approval – “what more could you ask for” we hear you say. Well, how about an incredibly forgiving lifetime guarantee that will keep your bathroom feature piece protected for all of its years? Sounds good to us.



Drench Slate Shower Trays

We seem to have a bit of an obsession within society for having the newest things. Whether it’s the latest technology, design or fad, we are constantly looking for the most avant-garde items out there. We’re hardly surprised though - how else would we have gotten rid of those horrific avocado bathrooms from decades ago…

The good news is that we’re no longer limited to the post-avocado, simple white shower trays that have been so understandably popular in the last few years. Here at Drench we’re outrageously excited to bring you our new slate effect shower trays, mostly due to just how awesome they look! Available in a more traditional white or luxurious anthracite finish, the stone trays feature an intricate, textured design that provides maximum comfort and grip whilst showering. Their remarkable durability and specially gel coated surface is facilitated by a polymarble resin manufacturing process that uses some of the finest materials available today.

Perfectly suited to either a traditional or contemporary setting, our slate shower trays have an ultra-thin 30mm height for discreet and unobtrusive installation either on top or flush with the bathroom floor. It can also be used as a wet room shower tray or with a walk-in shower enclosure to create the absolute in contemporary bathroom style.



Vado Kovera Tapware

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new range of tapware that gets us truly excited. We’re sure that you’ll agree that a lot of designs tend to blend into one after looking through a few hundred or so of them. But not with Vado’s Kovera range. This collection contains perhaps some of the most futuristic and modern bathroom taps around right now, and we absolutely love them.

There’s a certain Scandinavian-esque style about these taps – elongated, clean lines and graceful curves combine to create a simply beautiful aesthetic. The most striking feature of the collection has to be the smooth, arched handles that accentuate the shape of the design.

For your basin there are three types of mixer tap available – a standard basin mixer, extended tall basin mixer and wall mounted basin tap. Each has its own advantages and uses, such as pairing the tall or wall mounted basin mixer with a contemporary countertop basin.

When it comes to showering and bathing, the Kovera collection has two outstanding bath shower mixer taps; deck and wall mounted. When one of these is combined with their 1-3 outlet concealed shower valves and the ergonomic, luxurious handles, you will effortlessly be creating the bathroom of your dreams.



Free-spirited Freestanding Baths

Baths are our favourite feature of the bathroom. With such a plethora of styles, designs and colours available, it’s not hard to see why. They have a tendency to take pride of place within the restroom, and given that they are such a gorgeous feature piece they’re certainly worth taking your time over when deciding the one for you.

Cue the freestanding bathtub. Or more specifically, the non-white freestanding bathtub. They are becoming increasingly popular with each week that passes, and for a very good reason too. But we’ll let you work that one out. We’ve curated a few of our best looking coloured baths for your inspiration and perusal.



Nikki Freestanding Copper Bath

Traditional bathrooms can be a bit tricky if you don’t have a clear idea in your head of what you’re looking for. Fortunately, the Nikki Copper Bath makes it just that little bit easier given its beautiful, textured copper finish that wouldn’t look out of place in Mr Darcy’s own home. Crafted from 5mm double skinned acrylic, this traditional bath has fantastic heat retention to ensure that your relaxing bath water remains positively toasty for as long as possible.


Xana Freestanding Black Bath

“Black in my bathroom? Are you sure?” Yes, we are. Black is massively popular and on trend right now (see our Black Bathroom Accessories post) and for good reason too. When styled in a contemporary, black, white or grey setting, it provides the ultimate focal point for you and your guests to lovingly admire. The Xana has a specially crafted, double-skinned acrylic body which retains heat and warmth for as long as possible. After all, if you’ve got a bath that looks this good then you’re certainly going to be spending a lot of time in it.


Joan Freestanding Silver Bath

A bathtub befitting for a Queen, the Joan is quite possibly one of the most stylish and attractive baths that we’ve ever seen. It’s crafted from thick, double-skinned acrylic to give it its durability and thermal retention properties, and then finished with a genuinely stunning silvery grey stone design that makes it look like it has been carved out of a mountainside of natural stone. Simply breathtaking.



So there we have it. A whole spectrum of interesting and exciting new bathroom products, combined with just a dash of inspiration and vision. We hope that you've enjoyed this first instalment of our new series. Keep an eye out for July's edition - it's going to be an absolute corker...

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