Small Bathrooms: Making the Most of Your (Lack of) Space

Britain's bathrooms are quite often the smallest room in the house, and we aren't often blessed with a big canvas to play with when designing a bathroom. But having a small bathroom space doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a tight squeeze. There's a number of ways in which you can create the illusion of more space than there really is.

Pick the correct fittings

There are so many small bathroom products that can really help save that all important space. Picking the right bathroom fittings, especially those specifically designed for small bathrooms is key. Modern toilets are often much smaller than their counterparts from yesteryear, without compromising on performance. Have a look at our range of small toilets for inspiration.

Choosing a back-to-wall or wall-mounted toilet with concealed cistern over a traditional toilet is a great way to save space by hiding the majority of the toilet block in the wall. Wall mounted basins or semi-pedestal basins that conceal or remove the basin stand are also a fantastic space saving idea by and they can look stunning.

Small Bathroom Spaces

Embrace mirrors

Mirrors are a fantastic way of creating the illusion of space within a small bathroom.

Measure a mirror to the size of one of your side walls and put it up. This will instantly double the amount of space there seems to be within your bathroom as well as creating that all-important extra brightness.

Make it as bright as possible

Light, both natural and artificial, is another fantastic way of making a bathroom look more spacious.

If you have the benefit of large windows in your bathroom, then embrace them as much as possible and design the look of your bathroom around that natural light. If you don’t have this, fear not as there are plenty of fantastic artificial lighting products that are perfect for making your bathroom shine.

Change how your bathroom door opens

This one of the simplest, and probably one of the most overlooked, methods of making the most of a small bathroom space. Changing the hinges on a door to make it open in the direction away from the bathroom can make a small bathroom feel instantly less cramped at minimum effort.


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