Preparing Your Home for Christmas

Christmas seems to sneak up on us all faster and faster each year, so the team at Drench thought we’d help out with the stress of preparation this festive season! Here are our top tips for preparing for the oncoming snow-storm of joy and merriness that is Christmas.

We’ve split this up into two parts: the practical bits, and the pretty bits. As much as we hate to admit it, both are equally as important, but we’ll get stuck into the fun bit first!

The Pretty Bits

Adding some personality to your home around Christmas brings that magical warm feeling we all love so much - you know how you feel when you watch the first Christmas film of the year? That’s the feeling we’re aiming for when people walk into your home as the festivities begin!

Personalised Preparations

Bringing that special touch of Christmas cheer really does make all the difference, and we find that a small personalised trinket is the perfect way to do this. There’s nothing people appreciate more than a little nod to friends and family in your christmas decor. Take for example, these gorgeous personalised hanging tree decorations from Notonthehighstreet.com.

Surprising your family with these lovely decorations is bound to earn you some brownie points! You can of course get personalised name baubles for family and friends here, and you can even get your hands on some personalised pet decorations here. There’s a huge range of animals, 109 to be exact! You can get one for your dog, cat, lizard, horse, fish, hamster, guinea pig, duck, or chicken (yes, duck and chicken - we’re convinced Joey & Chandler had something to do with this!)

Smell the (Christmas) Spirit

Who doesn’t adore a festive christmas scent? There’s no better feeling than coming home and being hit with the smell of Christmas cosiness as you walk in the door - well, apart from the smell of a roast dinner perhaps! Crack out the scented candles to bring Christmas to every room in your house, simply at the strike of a match.

Yankee Candle and Bayliss & Harding are among our favourites for the best festive scents. They also do some pretty great gift hampers if you’re struggling with ideas for those hard-to-buy-for relatives. There’s always one!

Do Some Festive Baking

Getting into the Christmas spirit is easy when you’re surrounded by gingerbread men, mince pies, lebkuchen, and various other festive foods, so why not go the extra mile and do some baking of your own? Taking some time out to bake some treats can be really therapeutic - or a total nightmare if you’re not into it, in which case we suggest buying some pre-made goodies and labelling them as your own handmade perfection (we’ve all done it!)

Pinterest is our go-to when we’re searching for some festive inspiration, just take a peek at these gorgeous goodies below if you’re looking for some help!

We found these tasty treats simply by searching for ‘Christmas Baking’ so you’re bound to find some truly inspiring ideas if you enter the world of Pinterest too.

Crank Up the Festive Music

We can all picture ourselves on a cold December night (don’t mind us sneakily dropping in the name of a Michael Bublé song) listening to some festive tunes, whether it be some classic Otis Redding, a bit of Elton John, or the King of Christmas himself: the aforementioned Michael Bublé. So when you’re getting your home prepped for the big day, be sure to get your hands on some Christmas classics for the whole family to listen to! What else could you possibly listen to other than festive tunes? Rage against the machine…?

The Practical Bits

Whilst we could go on about Christmas decor and baking for hours, it’s time we move on to the less exciting (but equally as useful) practical preparation tips we have for you.

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and… Cramer?

Ok so children may not squeal with excitement when they hear Cramer as opposed to Rudolf, but adults definitely should! Sure, when you hear the words ‘cleaning products’ your heart doesn’t leap out of your chest, but when you see the results you’d be surprised just how excited you get. We’re almost 100% sure your excitement will resemble that of a child on Christmas morning!

The Cramer collection includes wonders such as an enamel repair kit for chips on your bath, a tap cleaner and chrome polish for those taps you wish would shine as bright as the lights on the tree, a mirror foam cleaner, a shower glass cleaner, and so much more. Tempted? Who isn’t! Check out the full range of our Cramer cleaning products here.

Bleed those Radiators

Whilst we all adore the idea of roasting our chestnuts on an open fire - or simply sitting down with a glass of wine in front of the fire over the Christmas holiday, sometimes we don’t want the fire going, or we simply don’t have one to light in the first place. But we do have radiators! It’s really important  to bleed your radiators so they’re performing at their best possible output over the winter season.

Without boring you too much, let’s quickly go into the “science” behind bleeding radiators. As radiators contain a running liquid, they are susceptible to internal build-ups and therefore clogging over time. This naturally reduces the performance of your heating, and needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later. We bleed our radiators so that we can release trapped air, improving their overall performance. If you’re looking for a little more information, check out our handy guide explaining how to bleed your radiators here.

Always Get Extra

Everybody knows that when it comes to the winter months, bread and milk are scarce in any local stores. Whilst we may joke about those apocalypse-bunker having overly prepared individuals we see on TV, the premise of having extra essentials stored over winter is actually a very smart idea! It’s always best to pop some extra bread and milk in the freezer over the Christmas holidays, just in case the weather goes full Charles Dickens this year and brings a Christmas snowstorm! It can’t hurt to have an emergency supply of the essentials just in case of a harsh winter, or an apocalypse... (just kidding!)

Tidy Up the Bathroom

If you’ve got friends visiting, or are having a large family Christmas, the likelihood is that your bathrooms will be experiencing a little more use than usual, so why not prepare them for this? We recommend doing so through two methods: style and practicality.

The practical part is easy, remember those Cramer products we mentioned earlier? Those are your best friends. We all secretly love being told how shiny our taps are, even if that love is deep down. So why not bask in the glory of bathroom compliments over the festive period?

For style, it’s common for the bathroom to be forgotten amongst the frenzy of Christmas decor, but we’ve got a few tips to make an ‘effortless effort’ in your bathroom. Bring in some festive colours with red hand towels, or some greenery draped over a mirror or countertop - you could even incorporate some fairy lights too. Who doesn’t love fairy lights?!

If you’re really struggling for room, or are simply exhausted from all the other festive decoration going on, adding a Christmas scented candle is just as good, because minimalism is sometimes all we need - especially when the rest of the house looks like Santa’s grotto!

Relax and Celebrate

Now you’ve put in the hard work, it’s time to sit back and relax with a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie. We hope our preparation tips have been useful and that you have a wonderful Christmas season. As always, drop us a line if you need help with anything by contacting our customer service team.


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