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  • Creating a Victorian Bathroom Suite on a Budget

    Decorating your home is no easy feat, let alone when your money is tight. When on a budget, it can be tempting to neglect the bathroom. Dreams of a beautiful Victorian style bathroom can seem totally unreachable if your budget is slightly lower. Fear not though, you too can have the Victorian bathroom of your dreams!
  • Bathrooms: An Eco-Friendly Guide

    If you want to look an eco-friendly bathroom, it doesn't have to be all be about large expenses and revolutionary cleaning methods. It can be very simple. Even just looking at the somewhat wasteful nature of modern society reveals areas where inroads to a more environmentally conscious way of living.
  • An Unconventional Guide to Cleaning Shower Glass

    The popularity of shower doors is ever increasing and the past popularity of shower curtains is rapidly fading. Styles and preferences inevitably change over time, but usually not without good reason. Shower cubicles are far more hygienic, safer and far more durable than shower curtains. A greater initial expense is indeed required for a shower enclosure but with many shower doors provided with a lifetime guarantee, it’s easy to see why their popularity is soaring.
  • An Insider Look at a Modern Thai Apartment

    Hey, everyone! It’s Nicole here writing to you from sunny Thailand where, guess what, I’ve got an apartment to call home! After 6 months of globetrotting, it was time to settle down and get some work done so I chose Chiang Mai as my base.
  • The Best Toilets for Small Bathrooms + Cloakrooms

    Do you have a small bathroom and need some small toilet ideas to make sure you can fit everything in and that your cloakroom works as it should do? If the answer is yes, there are a few things to consider first. And like anything, there are some fantastic small toilet ideas that are better suited than others.

    Whether you’re searching for a toilet for a grandiose bathroom or a tiny cloakroom under the stairs, there are still a few golden rules around what you should be considering before you make the final decision to purchase a new WC. Continue reading

  • The Travelling Designer: Bring Beach Vibes to Your Home from Belize!

    Hi everyone, it’s Nicole here, reporting Bangkok! October was a busy month hopping from continent to continent and waving a final goodbye to Central America after my 5 month adventure. My travels are going to be slowing down but I still have plenty of design inspiration to share with you. And, this month, I’m going to be showing you how to bring beachy vibes to your home, inspired by the tiny Caribbean country, Belize!

    Continue reading
  • Tokyo Sensation: Japanese Toilets

    If there’s one thing the Japanese know how to ‘wow’ us with, it’s technology. Whether it’s the fabled bullet train, their love of robotics, or being at the forefront of video game technology, they push the boundaries of what is scientifically possible. If we want to know what gadgets we’ll all be using in 5 years, more often than not we look to what Japan is doing today. Despite all these great technologies though - taxis with self opening/closing doors, robots taking your food order, trains that are never, ever late - the first thing that anyone who’s ever been to Japan will talk about on their return is the Japanese toilet. I should know; I’ve been that person. Continue reading

  • How Do You Control Bath Spouts & Overflow Bath Fillers?

    Overflow bath fillers and wall mounted bath spouts – while these may sound like a foreign concept to the average person; they’re not a new phenomenon in the world of modern bathroom design. In fact, these stylish and luxurious bath taps have been around for some time.

    If you’ve been flicking through any bathroom design magazine of late, you’ll soon notice that bath fillers and spouts are often a favourite amongst bathroom designers and fitters as opposed to your standard bath taps, and for good reason.

    Continue reading
  • Our Top 6 Roll Top & Slipper Baths Chosen By You

    Most of us could put our hands up to burning a few minutes a day flipping through social media posts such as Instagram and Pinterest. We are all guilty of putting our noses in other people's lifestyles. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with that - it’s all about appreciation and gleaming from those all-important ideas.

    So, speaking of being inspired by other’s design concepts, we thought of doing something a little different today.

    Today is going to be all about you. Continue reading

  • From Mayan to Modern: Guatemalan Bathroom and Interior Design

    Hello everyone! It’s Nicole here writing from a rather grey and grizzly Guatemala. The country’s going through their rainy season now meaning that every day at 3pm, I think I’ve been transported back to the UK! The trade-off though? A luscious green landscape with fruits and flowers blooming everywhere. I can handle a bit of rain for that; I am Scottish after all!

    Continue reading
  • In The Spotlight: Bathroom Brands Digital Showers

    Welcome back to the Drench blog, where this week we’ve got some exciting news: a stunning new range of Bathroom Brands Digital Shower controls, valves and shower kits. An incredible combination of beautiful design and innovative technology that makes them quite possibly the most exciting bathroom products available today. Continue reading

  • 6 Tips to Make Your Bathroom More Luxurious

    Welcome back to the Drench blog, where this week we’re revealing 5 powerful areas for making your bathroom décor more luxurious and providing the best possible experience for family and friends.

    And the best thing? While there are a lot of expensive bathroom decorating ideas, there’s also a host of ways to spice things up without blowing the bathroom budget. Continue reading

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