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  • 5 Stunning Anthracite Radiators for Under £250

    The struggle for a budget modern radiator is over now with this list of beautiful anthracite radiators for under £250. Because who said luxury, stylish radiators can't be affordable too?
  • Featured Brand: Harbour

    Delve into the world of Harbour, one of our favourite brands when it comes to all things vanity units, sanitaryware, tapware, and so much more! If you're looking for a little slice of contemporary luxury to add to your bathroom, Harbour products are the perfect fit. Take a look at some of our favourites from the stunning Harbour range.
  • Cramer: Our Favourite Bathroom Cleaning Products

    There is an incredible amount of choice when it comes to bathroom cleaning products. Let us make it easy for you: pick the very best and go for Cramer. Dive into this product-based blog where we share with you the various products that make Cramer our favourite bathroom cleaning brand.
  • Balancing Radiators: The Ultimate Guide

    There is never a bad time to balance your home radiators – it’s how you ensure your radiators are performing at their best and that your boiler is dispersing heated water throughout your home evenly. Join the Drench experts today as we take you through this simple yet invaluable DIY skill.
  • Timeless Bathroom Trends

    Some bathroom trends come and go – others remain forever to be enjoyed by designers over endless generations. From monochrome magnificence to industrial ingenuity, join the Drench team on a tour through the world’s best timeless bathroom trends and check out the products to create your ideal bathroom style.
  • Explained: The Rise of the Bath-less Bathroom

    Join us today to learn everything there is to know about bathless bathrooms. Why are baths becoming less commonplace? Why have times changed? We explore the reasons behind this pressing mystery as well as share with you the Drench team’s selection of favourite shower items.
  • How to Fit a Shower Tray

    The shower tray is a vital part of any shower enclosure. Whether an adjustable height shower tray or low profile shower tray for your swanky new wetroom – installation poses an intriguing challenge. If you want to flex your DIY muscles, check out this comprehensive guide on proper shower tray fitting.
  • Designing an Easy to Clean Bathroom

    We love to kit out our beautiful bathrooms but it’s no lie that cleaning them is a drag. However, the minimalism that defines most modern bathrooms makes it possible to simplify bathroom cleaning more than you ever dreamt. Join us and discover how to end the fear of bathroom scrubbing!
  • Understanding and Using Industrial Bathroom Design

    The industrial bathroom look is one of the most exciting aesthetics out there right now. Featuring exposed metalwork, tin baths, weathered wood tops and much more, come with us as we explore this stylish new approach to home bathrooms and check out some of Drench’s most popular industrial bathroom units.
  • Why We Always Recommend a Tall Bathroom Storage Unit

    If it’s finally time to upgrade your existing bathroom storage then a tall bathroom storage unit may well be the obvious choice. These eclectic pieces combine stylish and minimal modern design with generous internal dimensions for maximum space saving potential. Join us as we share some of Drench’s very best.
  • How to Clean Your Black Bathroom Taps

    Black bathroom taps are one of our most popular products and it's easy to see why. They are superbly stylish, understated and the perfect addition to any bathroom. However, certain black tap finishes require a more delicate cleaning approach. Dive in and discover how to keep your black taps pristine.
  • How to Get a Stunning Bespoke Coloured Radiator

    The days of your new décor being limited by radiator colour choice are over… Welcome to new realms of bespoke radiator potential as Butler & Rose announces coloured radiators to the hue of no less than 500 RAL colourways! Check out the official announcement and let’s get creative!
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