Our Favourite Double Ended Baths

A warm bath is the epitome of relaxation and luxury, and in our opinion there’s not much better than lying back in the bath with a good book, a whole load of bubbles and some scented candles. Oh, and of course a glass of wine. 

The only disturbance to this idyllic scenario (other than screaming kids) is the bath taps. Now having harsh metal taps dig into your back or head is a big no no, but they’re not exactly comfortable at the other end of the bath either, preventing you from having full foot freedom. Plus, having taps at one end of the bath means you can only sit at the opposite end, and with bathtime often the only ‘me’ time you get, you’re not going to want some pesky bath taps telling you where you can and can’t sit. 

What you need is a double ended bath, where the taps and waste are fitted at the centre of the bath. Both ends of the bath will have a gentle slope, meaning you can face any way you like with ultimate comfort. You can stretch out in the tub without catching your feet, and if it takes your fancy, there’s even enough room for 2 people. 

Think a double ended bath is exactly what your bathroom has been missing? Look no further! Here’s 6 of our favourite double ended baths.

Armourcast Bloque Double Ended Bath

The Armourcast Bloque Double Ended Bath is the perfect introduction to modern double ended baths. This gorgeous bath is seriously stylish and available in 2 sizes. The design makes it perfect for sharing and lounging, allowing you to stretch your legs out and relax for as long as you like. 

Quality-wise, this bath is a true winner. The lucite acrylic build is seriously durable and retains heat far better than conventional baths. The surface is warm to the touch and you won’t need to be constantly topping up the hot water. Coupled with the 7 fibreglass layers and timber frame, you’ve got a bath that’ll stay warm for a while!

This stunning double ended bath comes with a leg pack included and costs just £310.00. The 25 year guarantee is there for peace of mind.

Burlington London Back to Wall Bath with Curved Surround

The Burlington London double ended bath isn’t exactly low-budget, but for this level of luxury the price tag is more than worth it. This stunning bath is an investment into relaxation and recuperation, helping to improve not just your Sunday night - but your entire week! 

This has a lovely traditional design with a curved surround and back to wall fit. It comes in a choice of matt white, sand, dark olive or classic grey and it’ll make a standout feature in any bathroom. The waterproof base gives it that extra protection, while the generous interior means you’ll have ample space to spread out and soak - glass of wine optional! 

Made from lucite acrylic and with a 10 year guarantee, this is a bath that you won’t need to be replacing any time soon. It costs £1,748.99. 

Eastbrook Quantum Space Saver Bath with Front Panel

If you love the idea of a double ended bath, but can’t see any of the previous options fitting into your smaller bathroom, look no further. The Eastbrook Quantum Space Saver Bath is perfect for smaller, awkward spaces such as ensuites or bathrooms with less room. Despite the unique shape, this bath provides ample space for you to stretch out, morphing to your natural stretching position to utilise space in the bath, while conserving space in the room. 

A double ended bath with shower is the 2 in 1 your small bathroom needs. The handy front panel contains splashes, and the bath is easy to clean thanks to its high gloss and acrylic construction. It’ll stand the test of time and stay hot for longer than standard baths, while option to shower is there if you’re short on time. 

The pristine white finish and left or right positioning makes this bath perfect for any bathroom, while the 20 year guarantee is the icing on the cake. Get this wonderful space saving double ended bath for just £501.97.

BC Designs Ancora Back to Wall Bath

While freestanding baths are usually thought of as a traditional feature, this BC Designs Ancora Back to Wall Bath is as contemporary as they come. This luxurious bath has soft curves and an aesthetic contemporary design that looks the part in minimalist bathrooms. It has a deep tub ideal for those extra long soaks, and the quality is second to none. 

With both the inner and outer bath layers made from durable acrylic, this bath has fantastic heat retention. It’s easy to maintain and has no ugly seams visible, giving it that perfect finish. Supplied with an un-drilled tap ledge for you to pair with your favourite taps, this bath can be styled however you like. 

With a 10 year guarantee, it’s clear that longevity is at the heart of this design. And with a £1,239.98 price tag, you’d expect it to stand the test of time. Well this model certainly does. 

Cleargreen Enviro Double Ended Bath

Budget certainly doesn’t mean boring, and the Cleargreen Enviro Double Ended Bath is testament to that. Costing just £272.99, you may not be expecting to be wowed by this double ended tub, but trust us when we say this could be exactly what you’ve been looking for. 

This bath comes in 4 different sizes and has a striking white finish for ultimate luxury. It retains heat for 30 minutes longer than a standard bath, and it’s made from 30% recycled materials. With the steel rods inside the bath rims, this is one of the most durable on the market. 

With both an inner and outer skin included, this bath comes with all you need to start relaxing immediately. Simply choose your favourite taps and get soaking! Finally, this has a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee for peace of mind. 

Full Range of Double Ended Baths

Whether you’re after a large double ended bath with ample space for 2, or you’re after a smaller freestanding bath to soak in with a good book at the end of a long day, we’re confident that we’ve got the perfect tub for you. Still haven’t found ‘the one’? Check out our full range of double ended baths right here. 

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