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  • How to Get a Stunning Bespoke Coloured Radiator

    The days of your new décor being limited by radiator colour choice are over… Welcome to new realms of bespoke radiator potential as Butler & Rose announces coloured radiators to the hue of no less than 500 RAL colourways! Check out the official announcement and let’s get creative!
  • In The Spotlight: Bathroom Brands Digital Showers

    Welcome back to the Drench blog, where this week we’ve got some exciting news: a stunning new range of Bathroom Brands Digital Shower controls, valves and shower kits. An incredible combination of beautiful design and innovative technology that makes them quite possibly the most exciting bathroom products available today. Continue reading

  • Warmth and Wonder - New Arrivals for August

    Oh, August. A time for baking oneself under the blistering sun, frolicking through the summer breeze and jollying off on a holiday where we can truly relax and recuperate. And possibly for some, drink a bit too much and end up a certain shade of lobster…

    But the bathroom and interior design world never stops. Not even for mojitos. So, if you’re suffering from pre- or post-holiday blues and need some home inspiration then you’re in the right place. And if you’re lucky enough to be with mojito-in-hand, don’t worry, we won’t blame you for having a read either. Continue reading

  • Marbles and Majesty - New Arrivals for July

    July is a bit of a funny time for us here at Drench. Most of us aren’t sure whether to continuously chomp down ice-creams in an attempt to manage the sweltering heat or just generally become a little bit delirious. The joys of British summertime, right?

    Let’s not moan too much though, especially when we’ve got some real treats for you in this month’s New Arrivals post. A selection of impeccably crafted and incredibly designed bathroom vanity units, taps, toilets, basins and shower valves that are brand new to the bathroom world.   Continue reading

  • Soap and Sophistication - New Arrivals for June

    We spend thousands of hours searching for the latest and greatest in bathroom design. So much time in fact, that many of us find ourselves waking up in the middle of the night shaking from bathroom-related night terrors.

    We’ve realised something though. Although we may be bathroom maestros and live and breathe the newest sanitaryware, everyone else might not be quite so informed...

    Continue reading
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