The Most Beautiful Small Ensuite Bathroom Ideas

This week on the Drench blog we are delighted to bring you a truly bumper article focused on the challenge of a small ensuite bathroom – especially those with very limited space.

There has never been so much choice when it comes to selecting bathroom accessories for small ensuite bathrooms. It’s also the type of bathroom for which accessory selection becomes most important!

You'd better get sitting comfortably because we are about to blow the world of designing a properly potent small ensuite bathroom completely out of the water, with an amount of new ideas almost as large as our expansive online store itself!


Bathrooms Of All Shapes & Size

All homes will have a main bathroom, then most will feature any number of smaller bathrooms attached to bedrooms known as en suite bathrooms or sometimes, the master bathroom – as well as stand-alone small bathrooms sometimes known as cloakroom bathrooms. Whilst we shall refer generally to small ensuite bathrooms in this article, remember that all of these solutions are applicable to any small bathroom!

Now in one of the most common problems homeowners will encounter, some of these ensuite bathrooms can be rather on the tight side. It is essential that we optimise the space available to us when tuning up these small en-suite bathrooms, and that’s why the entire team here at Drench have put our heads together!

Follow our tricks of the trade, employ a couple of our potent product selections, and create a truly luxurious en-suite with the most limited space!


We don’t like to blow our own trumpet but we would say we're full of great bathroom ideas here at Drench. We’re also by no means selfish, and ironically small bathroom space saving is an incredibly large topic – so let’s get sharing!


Ensuite Bathroom Furniture

A good place to start with any bathroom, no matter the size or whether an en-suite or not, is the bathroom furniture.

From bathroom units themselves like showers, basins and toilets, to storage units, towel racks, radiators, and more, it all counts as bathroom furniture. And the more you put into the bathroom, the more you impede on the general overall space of your small ensuite bathroom.

For the sake of this article, our keywords shall be optimise and integrate. By maintaining both of these elements throughout your ensuite design, you will create a space as spacious as possible.


Projection Explained

As you will see in this article, some of our products mention a certain amount of projection in millimetres. This means the distance the unit extends from its mounted position against your bathroom wall. As you can imagine, this figure becomes key when speccing a small ensuite bathroom.

So bear this in mind, as well as be prepared to be shocked at just how petite these units have become thanks to the most innovative bathroom brands!


Vanity Units

The vanity unit is an essential item when it comes to small en-suite bathroom optimisation as it enables you to create a bathroom design that is as streamlined as possible. Highly practical, featuring storage space, and often wall mounted, which of course provides extra floor usage!

Many of our customers who come to us scratching their heads about small en-suite bathroom spacing are blown away when they see the sheer refinement of even budget vanity unit options. Are you ready (unless you’ve already done your research) to witness the true potential of vanity unit minimalism?


Combination Vanity Units

Next up, the rather exciting combination vanity unit. When these work well, they provide so much space. The combination vanity unit is really one of the very best small ensuite bathroom space saving ideas we know of, and we’re more than happy to share the cream of the crop in the following examples.

We’ll start off with this Emily 1100mm Combination Bathroom Toilet & Sink Unit with Drawers in Hacienda Black, which features every vital bathroom unit element, yet remains elegant in its space-saving efficiency. With a choice of two basins, a floor mounted vanity unit, and toilet cistern, this really is an all-in-one package epitomising the potential of a combination vanity unit. It’s also available in two widths to suit your the dimensions of your ensuite just right.

Wall Hung Toilets

With your vanity unit sorted and space still fairly available, it’s time to spec your toilet. If you went for the Emily Combination unit just up there you’ll already have that sorted. If not, you’ll probably want to look at our range of slimline wall hung toilets. These are categorically the least space-consuming toilets out there, and it just so happens they are some of the best for ensuites with limited space.

Showers In Small Spaces

No – that’s not the name of some new risqué romantic comedy…

Showers in small ensuite bathrooms do often pose a bit of an issue. Do you go for a normal sized shower that fills up half the bathroom floor or do you go for a squeezed-in micro shower that enables more space for the rest of your ensuite bathroom to do its thing? Like most things, the answer likely lies somewhere in the middle.

Recessed Shower Storage

Now, we pass the creativity torch over to you. When building a small en-suite walk-in shower, you should make the most of the wall space of the shower itself.

Whilst we are happy to help you out here with any aesthetic advice, you may also wish to check out rich banks of shower storage ideas on sites such as Pinterest. For example, recessed shower enclosure storage is taking the bathroom design industry by storm - we're not surprised, it's so convenient!


Accessories & Storage

With your sink, toilet, and shower panel in place, you need storage units to keep all your bits and bobs tidy. And of course, with it being a small ensuite bathroom, these units need to be as slimline as possible.

Smiles with Tiles

Now we’ve selected the main components for your small ensuite bathroom, it’s time to consider how to create smiles with the tiles you choose to daub your ensuite’s walls and floor.

Bathroom tile styling isn’t as simple a field as you might imagine. First, consider the size of the room and how the size of the tile may correlate. For example, a smaller tile pattern can often make a room appear more crowded. On the other hand, large tiles can increase the sensation of space felt in a room.

For this reason alone, we suggest you use as large as possible tiles in your small ensuite bathroom. Working with the small amount of space offered up may seem daunting but it need not be.


Combine large tiles with a single coloured approach (rather than alternating tiled patterns as often seen in Victorian-era bathroom décor) to produce a wonderfully clean, fresh, welcoming aesthetic.

When asked about the fantastic colourations we show on our site as well as across our store’s show bathrooms, we point people to Fired Earth, who since 1983 have been enabling people to style out their ensuite bathrooms and homes in general!

That isn’t to say that patterned tiles are a complete mistake when it comes to your ensuite bathroom. A tasteful combination of the two also works wonders. Perhaps a themed pattern in line with your larger bathrooms? The potential is endless: dark to light, light to dark, solid and light colours, transitions made from floor to wall and even to ceiling – discover the palette that works for you and work it!

And there’s no need to limit yourself to tiles when we see marble making more of an impact in the world of DIY bathroom styling.


Ensuite Lighting

To tile your small ensuite bathroom intelligently is one thing – to light it properly is another. And as you can imagine, when performed correctly, the results are remarkable.

Take into account windows, natural light, and just how small your ensuite bathroom really is. The likely reality is that it will not require much lighting at all. Unless you want that spotlight vibe and to feel as if you are a contestant on Big Brother while you shave, keep the lumens to a minimum. Less is more, when it comes to lighting!

LED lighting used to be considered cold and uninviting – but with the rising popularity of LED mood units that run colour cycles, you should no longer be so bothered. Do away with the chore of replacing bulbs and run LED strips along recesses at skirting board levels for a cheap and innovative solution to totally transform your small ensuite bathroom.


Here to Help – However Big (or small) Your En-suite

At the end of the day, there is nothing more satisfying than taking a boring small en-suite bathroom and transforming it into a bespoke wetroom or effortlessly classy small bathroom. However, there can also be nothing more mind-numbingly stressful.

That’s exactly what we are here for at Drench – to help you bring the bathroom of your dreams to life! The extent of en-suite innovation extends exactly as far as your own creativity. Push your boundaries and see what you come up with. The results will surprise you.

Of course, we are here to help whenever you may need it. For any issue as you might have, reach out to our friendly customer service team by contacting us here.

For now, we’ll just leave you with a few of our favourite photos of other people proving that small ensuites can be turned into beautiful masterpieces… we look forward to hearing where your creativity takes you!

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