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Planning the Perfect Family Bathroom

Are you looking to create a bathroom suitable for your family? Our bathroom suite ranges come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes from modern to contemporary and also traditional we can help you and your family make the most out of the space you have to offer.

There are a many things that you can do to ensure your bathroom is a safe and enjoyable environment . Here are a few ideas straight from our very own bathroom experts on how to create the perfect bathroom for you and your family.


Make it Child Friendly 

There are many things that you can do to ensure your bathroom is a safe and enjoyable environment for your children.

  • If your children are at a height where they can reach the taps themselves, you can turn down the high temperature of the hot water directly from your boiler.
  • Thermostatic showers offer precise showering at a regulated temperature to reduce the risk of scalding.
  • Replace glass tumblers with plastic ones, and any bathroom accessories you may purchase try and opt for shatterproof plastic or resin, to avoid breakages.
  • All children like to play in the bath, by opting for toys and accessories that can be easily stored away when they are not in use, this will automatically give a de cluttered feel.
  • A non slip bath mat with suction cups is a good investment not just for children but the whole family.
  • Round off any hard cupboard edges with plastic bumpers, to avoid any child height injuries.


Choosing the Right Bath or Shower

Most families with young children tend to opt for a bath.  Although there are many reasons for having a shower in the family bathroom, a bath is a great choice for the home and offers a much more luxurious experience. Baths provide a bathroom with a focal point, and offer an aesthetic appeal.

A family bathroom can be a very busy environment, whether getting ready for work, school or a night out, having a shower in your bathroom is ideal for all family members and can save allot of time and unnecessary queuing. A showers dimensions are smaller than those of a bath, they are ideal for space saving, perfect for the smaller bathroom and can save you money



Make your Bathroom Practical with a Double Basin

Two basins are highly practical if you've got kids, but they're also very fashionable and on the wish list of many prospective future buyers. Double basins add a real sense of luxury and at Drench we have double basins to suit every space. Why not have one basin at child height?

Choose Glamorous Yet Practical Storage

Ideal for space saving wall mounted units and tall storage has become increasingly popular for those trying to achieve the minimalist look. Utilising the height of your bathroom can double, even treble the size of your room. Available in a range of heights, widths and finishes you're sure to find the perfect storage solution at Drench.

Make bathroom storage safe by choosing a lockable cabinet or alternatively add child proof cupboard catches to the doors to ensure bottles, medicines and any sharp objects are kept out of harms way. Additionally higher placed shelving units will keep these items well out of reach.


Wall Hung Mirrors

Modernise  your bathroom and maximise your wall space with a wall hung mirror, a stylish yet practical addition to any bathroom. We have a large selection of bathroom mirrors available including illuminated, LED, back-lit and touch sensor mirrors plus much more, some with stunning features including shaving sockets, and demister pads, you can be sure to find the right style bathroom mirror for your bathroom all with outstanding quality.

Elongated Radiators and Towel Rails

Elongated radiators give off a great amount of heat because of their size, and are ideal for space saving. Some smaller ranges of heated towel rail can even be set at a height out of the reach of children.


Flooring and Tiling

Go for easy to clean wall tiling and flooring. Tiles being the preferred choice are ideal for covering large surface areas and can give an illusion of a bigger bathroom.

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