Innovative Bathroom Gadgets

Technology and gadgets have evolved and improved so they can be utilised effectively in every area of the home, with the bathroom being no exception. There is nothing quite like a relaxing bath after a hard day’s work or a revitalising morning shower to start the day, and now our bath / shower times can be even more enjoyable with the help of some therapeutic bathroom gadgets. 

Our very own bathroom experts have rounded up just a few of the best fun and innovative bathroom gadgets available, for you and your family to enjoy, who said bath times had to be boring?


Rinser toothbrush into fountain

Eliminate the need for a bathroom tumbler and sticking your head under the tap with this intriguing rinser toothbrush that is also a water fountain. Designed by New York-based Amron Experimental, the Rinser simply has a water scoop and connected spout built into its handle. When streaming tap water falls into that scoop, it shoots up and out of the spout, creating a fountain that the user can gulp from. This unique toothbrush also uses GreenerStep snap replacement heads, which last much longer so you won’t need to buy a new toothbrush every three months.



Gel Nose Wash Shower Dispenser with Suction Hooks

Taking a bath or shower could not be more fun or disgusting. Load up this over sized nose with your favourite shower gel, face scrub or body wash and simply push on the right nostril and your green gel will ooze right out, a great novelty bathroom accessory for all the family.


Shaving Pedestal

A great bathroom accessory for us ladies, the shaving pedestal is a must have. Designed for women but can also be useful to men in certain situations, the shaving pedestal is made from non-chip ceramic that allows you to rest comfortably whilst you take care of this routine with ease.

maethshowerhero The Methven Tahi Shower System has an integrated foot rest to help with shaving your legs

Roller Toothpaste

This little gadget might seem a little funny but it is actually one that’s quite useful. The toothpaste squeezer fits snug onto the end of your toothpaste tube and easily winds to dispense toothpaste. This way you no longer have to squeeze the tube and you can ensure that you get all the toothpaste out.


Roca Sink Toilet Combo

If your bathroom is lacking space, check out this sink and toilet combo by Roca a rather unusual design with a number of unique features and benefits. Not only does the unit take up a minimal amount of floor space it conserves water because the water from the sink drains down into the toilet tank. Roca’s commitment to sustainability and environmental matters comes to the fore in this design. Featuring Roca’s “water-reuse technology”, the unit reuses waste water from the washbasin to fill the toilet cistern, thereby reducing total water usage in the bathroom by up to 25% in comparison to a standard 6/3-litre toilet.

roca sink toilet combo


iPad Wall mount

Now you can mount your iPad in your bathroom with the wall mount for iPad, will hold the iPad 1, 2 and the iPad HD. Combining style with functionality the iPad wall mount is made from brushed stainless steel and features clean modern lines, the perfect solution for bathroom entertainment. Easy to install requiring only 2 screws to mount on any surface, this iPad mount even includes a drilling template in the box to ensure it has a professional look.

download (1)

Bathroom gadgets are a great way to encourage childrens bath times, a much dreaded chore for both parents and their children. A must have for all families!


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