In The Spotlight: Bathroom Brands Digital Showers

Welcome back to the Drench blog, where this week we’ve got some exciting news: a stunning new range of Bathroom Brands Digital Shower controls, valves and shower kits. An incredible combination of beautiful design and innovative technology that makes them quite possibly the most exciting bathroom products available today.

Electric Benefits

You may already be familiar with digital showers – the most revered of recent times, aside from our Crosswater digital collection being the Aqualisa digital shower and Mira digital shower ranges – and Bathroom Brands is the latest heavyweight on the block.

And if you haven’t been privy to the world of digital showers, prepare for your world to be rocked. Bathroom technology has come along leaps and bounds and the future is now – the future is digital.

Of course, nobody needs a digital shower, but they are darned cool! Switch to digital to enjoy innovative features such as fully programmable water temperature, wireless shower controllers offering a 10 metre range, Bluetooth connectivity with Internet of Things potential, stunning visual components that make use of mesmerising LED lighting functionality, and much, much more.

So sit back as we take you through the range of fantastic new Bathroom Brands Digital Shower products available at Drench now.

Bathroom Brands Digital Showers

We’re delighted to be stocking Bathroom Brands’ range of digital valves, opening up our customers to a new age of wireless showers with leading electric potential.

Each of these fantastic options, as you shall see, is available in both a modern and traditional finish, so that you can effortlessly integrate an electric shower into any form of bathroom décor.


Dual Outlet Shower Valves

First up, we have Bathroom Brands’ Digital Contemporary 2025 2 Outlet Shower Valve, available for £545.99, and a must-have for your modern digital shower décor.

Next, we’d like to present the Digital Classic 1910 2 Outlet Shower Valve, which is available for just £709.99. For those who value a classic look and have designed their shower as such, this is the ultimate option.

Both of these units feature a sleek, modern dual output valve design with high- and low-pressure settings, cool touch and colour-changing controls, temperature override, a self-cleaning mode that lasts for one minute, and a 5 year manufacturer guarantee.

Built-in thermistors monitor and regulate your shower temperature every 10 seconds, and the LED lighting flashes to let you know when the water is heating up and when it’s ready.


Dual Outlet Shower and Bath Valves

For those whose bathrooms feature both a shower and bath, you will require a dual outlet shower and bath valve. Never fear, Bathroom Brands has come through with the digital fire for this option.

And as you’d expect, they do so in both contemporary and traditional versions for all digital shower styles.

Let’s kick things off with Bathroom Brands’ Digital Contemporary 2025 2 Outlet Shower and Bath Valve, which for £549.98 brings you ultimate digital control over your shower and bath.

Then, bringing up the rear, we have the Digital Classic 1910 2 Outlet Bath and Shower Valve, which for £579.98 provides the same excellent functionality yet in a rather classy traditional finish.

Both options provide the same great functionality as the previous dual output options that we have inspected. But they also address the need to power both a shower and bath with flexible fitting abilities to suit loft installation, under-bath installation, cupboard installation and any other unique form of installation that the one-of-a-kind layout of your bathroom may require.


Single Output Valves

Now, for those with smaller bathrooms or simply a need to power only a single shower, Bathroom Brands have provided us with an excellent single output valve available in – you guessed it – both contemporary and classical styling to suit any shape of bathroom.

For £434.99, we have Bathroom Brands’ Digital Contemporary 2025 1 Outlet Shower Valve, bringing all of the excellent high and low pressure functionality, cool touch technology and funky LED lighting of the previous dual output units to its simple, squared single output design.

Then, last but not least and for the tidy sum of just £479.99, we have Bathroom Brands’ Digital Classic 1910 Single Output Shower Valve. Just as you’d expect, this unit keeps all of the powerful functionality available in every Bathroom Brands digital shower valve, honed into its resoundingly classy single knob design.


Digital Showers for All!

Now we’ve shown you our exciting new range of Bathroom Brands products, it’s only right we introduce you to Drench’s whole digital shower kit selection that they help to make up. We have a range of sets that you can find right now on the Digital Showers homepage of our online store – go check it out and have a browse!

Here you can find pairings of these fantastic aforementioned valves with fixed shower heads, slide kits, wall arms and more, providing all you need to digitise your shower in a single, money-saving package!

From the Digital Classic 1910 1 Outlet Shower Set with Shower Head and Wall Arm, available for just £634.99, to the Digital Classic 1910 2 Outlet Shower Set with Shower Head, Slide Bar, Soap Basket and Wall Arm, which for £859.99 provides everything your traditional digital shower will ever need to perform at its utmost.

And for those with a space age design, Bathroom Brands doesn’t leave you hanging. Ranging from the Digital Contemporary 2025 1 Outlet Shower Set with Slide Rail Kit for £542.99  to the Digital Contemporary 2025 2 Outlet Shower Set with Wall Arm, Bath Filler Waste and Round Fixed Head for £744.98, the choice is yours when powering your shower of the future.


Digital Controllers

Keep control of your power showers and avert the possibility of a rise of the machines with Bathroom Brands’ pair of stylish remote controls, available as you’d like in both traditional and contemporary designs.

If you are a traditionalist then opt for the Digital Classic 1910 Shower Remote Control, which for £149.99 brings you a clean and classy remote button to turn on or divert your shower or bath fill before entering, with a 10 metre range, and trim kit and remote digital processor included.

And if you are a sucker for modern décor, then the Digital Contemporary 2025 Shower Remote Control, which costs just £129.98, will bring all of the above performance to your bathroom. And of course, both feature Bathroom Brands’ reliable 5 year manufacturer guarantee, so you can rest assured on reliable full digital shower control.

New Kid on the Block

So there we have it, folks – a run-through of the new digital showers range by Bathroom Brands that is available now on the Drench online store. Exquisitely styled and affordably priced, these are fantastic products for any family looking to benefit from new digital shower technology.

That’s all for now – if you aren’t yet sold on electric showers, then keep an eye out for new Drench blog posts on digital showers explained, digital shower reviews, and more. Who knows, maybe you’ll feel the buzz soon enough!

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