How to Save Money on Your Water Bills


UK water firms have been urged by the Environmental Secretary Owen Pattison to try and recognise the strain that hiking up water prices in 2014 will have on struggling household’s.

Unlike gas and electricity companies we are unable to change our water supplier leaving us with no other option but to do what we can to try and keep our bills down. Here are a few tips from our very own bathroom experts on how you can save water and save money.

Don’t Leave the tap running. Running a tap when you brush your teeth can use as much as 10 litres of water per minute. If we brush our teeth for the recommended 5 minutes, over a year we lose around 18,250 litres of water. Instead of running the tap, why not use a tumbler for rinsing as this could save up to 9 litres of water per minute. Putting the plug in your basin when washing your hands or shaving rather than leaving the tap running can also reduce water loss by up to 50%.




Fix That Dripping Tap

A dripping tap can cause up to 90 litres of water loss per week, amounting to 4,680 litres per year. A common cause of a leaking tap can be that the washer needs renewing, washers wear due to the pressure from the water flow but can be easily replaced. Another common issue with leaking taps is when the cartridge itself needs replacing. The cartridge is under heavy use as it not only controls the flow of water but in mixer tap also controls the mixing of the hot and cold water.

Update Your Bathroom

Modern taps are designed to consume less water, if your bathroom taps are of an age they may be guzzling water, replacing them with modern ones could make a considerable difference. Drench offer an extensive range of Modern Bathroom Taps to choose from including taps from leading supplier Crosswater, featuring the very best drip-free ceramic cartridges to ensure a longer life.

Take a Shower Instead of a Bath

Did you know that having a bath can use as much as up to 100 litres of water where as a shower uses on average 40% less instantly saving water, reducing your water bill significantly.

Upgrade to an Acrylic Bath

An acrylic bath like the BC Designs Slipper Bath, insulates water better than other materials so upgrading your bath to acrylic if you like a long soak in the tub could save you a small fortune.

Flush Wisely

Geberit offer an extensive range of flush plates when paired with a dual flush toilet can save you a considerable amount of money. Pressing the smaller button uses on average 4 litres of water to flush ideal for liquid waste. Whereas using the larger button for more substantial waste uses more water. The smaller button is likely to be used more regularly reducing your water usage and your water bill.


These simple tips can make a huge difference to your water bill. Why not give it a go, and see how much you can save!

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