How to - Care for Bathroom Furniture Guide

Bathroom storage spaces are often neglected during regular bathroom cleaning because everything is behind closed doors. It’s the old “out of sight, out of mind” problem. When was the last time you cleaned the inside of your bathroom drawers and cabinets? If it’s been a while, or you can’t remember the month or even year when this happened, this article is one worth a read! 

Keeping your bathroom clean can seem like an ongoing battle. There are however simple ways to keep on top of it to help reduce the risk of mould, hard water marks, rust stains, bathtub rings, lime scale, mildew stains, soap scum, and more. It is important to keep your bathroom as clean as possible. This will not only keep germs and bugs at bay, and can help to ensure that your bathroom furniture lasts longer.

Bathroom Furniture Cleaning Do’s & Don'ts

Many off the shelf cleaning products contain strong chemicals that can corrode and damage bathroom furniture. We recommend that you always check the label of any cleaning products you may be intending to use, to see that they are suitable for use on bathroom furniture. Abrasive cleaning substances are generally, not suitable for use in the bathroom. Off the shelf cleaning substances and harsh materials can lead to marks and scratches that are irreversible.

Organic Cleansing for your Bathroom

Organic products are safe and just effective for cleaning the bathroom. A dash of vinegar or a little bicarbonate of soda can go a long way. For cleaning your sanitary ware we recommend using a micro fibre cloth. Micro fibre cloths are ideal, they are soft and will not cause damage to surfaces.

Cleaning Tips

Continual airflow in your bathroom can prevent the decay of wooden trims or fixtures, and the saturation of building insulation. A simple and effective way to air your bathroom is to leave your extractor fan on after you have showered or bathed. Poor ventilation can be the underlying cause of many things in the bathroom including water stains and mould growth. Leaving your bathroom extractor fan on for 15 to 30 minutes allows plenty time to dehumidify your bathroom.

If you don’t have an extractor fan in your bathroom, they are not expensive to purchase and are a worthwhile investment. Plus it can save you money, as frequent air replacement will result in less heat loss than opening a window, keeping you from turning on the heating every time you get out of the shower or tub.

Cleaning Wooden Bathroom Furniture

If your bathroom furniture is wooden, when cleaning it be sure to work with the grain of the wood as you clean. Always avoid letting any wood in your bathroom get too wet, so use as little a cleaning solution as possible. To clean cabinets manufactured from MDF, this is best done using diluted soap. Bleach and other cleaning products are harmful to MDF, so remember to keep abrasive cleaners well away from any MDF units you have. Always take extra care if your units have been painted.

Cleaning the Inside of your Cabinets

It’s not only the exterior of your bathroom cabinets and vanity units that will need cleaning the interior of your cabinets will also need cleaning regularly. Shampoo bottles, conditioners and other bottles often end up with sticky bottoms which create ring marks. Sticky soap bud rings and spillages are not great for cupboards in which toothbrushes or razors are kept; it is much better to keep shower gels and soaps on a shelf or in a dispenser beside the bath.

To get rid of any dust and hair you can always vacuum the inside compartments of your bathroom furniture. To clean the insides of your bathroom cabinets a damp cloth will do the trick. Leftover moisture in a dark corner of a cupboard is the ideal breeding ground for mould, so take the time to really wipe everything dry after cleaning.

The best way to keep your bathroom clean is regular maintenance. Regular cleaning can help combat the humid conditions of a bathroom and keep your bathroom as pristine as possible.

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