How Do You Control Bath Spouts & Overflow Bath Fillers?

Overflow bath fillers and wall mounted bath spouts – while these may sound like a foreign concept to the average person; they’re not a new phenomenon in the world of modern bathroom design. In fact, these stylish and luxurious bath taps have been around for some time.

If you’ve been flicking through any bathroom design magazine of late, you’ll soon notice that bath fillers and spouts are often a favourite amongst bathroom designers and fitters as opposed to your standard bath taps, and for good reason.

Modern and stylish in appearance, there are a plethora of aesthetic and functional advantages to having your bath kitted out with the latest overflow bath filler or mounted bath spout. It’s fair to say that including bulky bath taps in bathroom designs are almost a thing of the past, and thanks to the latest in bath filler tap designs, you’ll be able to achieve a simple minimalist bathroom design that will suit your needs whilst looking great at the same time.

So what are they and how can these overflow bath fillers and bath spouts work to our advantage?

Overflow Bath Fillers – What Are They?


Essentially, an overflow bath filler, which also goes by the names Centrafill, aqua filler, valve operated bath filler and bath filler waste, is just another way of filling up your bathtub. It does however have one added bonus; it also works as a bath overflow, which prevents any wet and slippery floors if you leave the taps on for too long.

Typically overflow bath fillers are circular in shape, but there are also a number of square overflow bath fillers on the market. Typically crafted from brass and finished in chrome, the water emerges from the base of the waste. These are placed where you’d normally expect to find your bathtub’s waste overflow hole. So, in short, an overflow bath filler is like a two-in-one deal – it fills your bath while removing any excess water to prevent bathroom flooding.

The flow of an overflow bath filler can be controlled in two ways. The first way is that it’s controlled by either a thermostatic or manual valve on the wall or by two deck valves that have been mounted on the bath.

If you’re not fully convinced, read on to find out all of the advantages of overflow bath fillers.

Space Saving

Bath taps can be cumbersome, and simply put they do take up space (how many times have you knocked yourself on a bath tap?), which is why one of the greatest advantages of overflow bath fillers is that they save a great deal of space.


On the subject of saving space, your overflow bath filler can also be hooked up to a shower valve or diverter valve, which will allow you to control everything from one area without having to worry about additional taps.

Easy to Install

Although it’s not visible, an overflow bath filler requires less space behind the scenes due to all the pipes being centrally located, therefore, you won’t have to worry about creating extra room or another installation just for them, making the fitting both easier and cheaper.

Modern and Minimalist

These days, when it comes to bathroom design and layout, aesthetics are just as important as functionality. When you opt for an overflow bath filler, you’ll be able to forgo all those unnecessary extra bits that get in the way and enjoy a modern sleek look instead.

Optimum Water Temperature

Thanks to a centrally controlled shower valve, hot and cold water can be combined so that your bath overflow filler releases the perfect water temperature into your bath, meaning there’s no need to constantly fiddle about trying to get your desired bath water temperature.

Water Pressure and Flow

Previously, overflow bath fillers were only ever okay to use with high-pressure systems. However, since then, bathroom technology has come a long way and there are a considerable amount of overflow bath fillers that are able to operate with low-pressure systems. But even so, it’s still recommended that you have a higher flow rate when you opt to go with an overflow bath filler.

It’s always a good idea to get professional advice from an expert first – we’d be happy to help!

Bath Spouts – The Lowdown


Bath spouts are often mistaken for your regular bath tap, but they’re actually rather different. Mounted on a wall close to your bath, a bath spout is a standalone spout that is controlled with an independent valve.

This can either be a single outlet valve that just controls the bath spout or a two or three outlet shower valve that enables you to also control a permanent shower head or handset as well.

Let’s take a look at why a bath spout might be right for your home.

Classic Design

For a luxurious feel, the addition of a wall mounted bath spout can add a beautiful minimalist finish to your bath’s overall appearance. They’re sleek and pleasing to the eye, so if appearance is important to you, installing a bath spout could be the right answer for you.

Suits All Bath Styles

Another great thing about bath spouts is that they can suit almost any bathroom design from a sleek contemporary bathroom to an elegant classically inspired one.

Achieve a Minimalist Look with Ease

Standard bath tap combinations can clutter the bath and take up space, which is why you’ll love the sheer element of minimalism that bath spouts offer.

Dress Up Your Freestanding Bath

One of the most popular bathroom trends at the moment is the freestanding bath, and thanks to their size and minimalist design, bath spouts can help create a beautiful centrepiece for your bathroom.

Perfect Bath Spout and Overflow Bath Filler Combinations

There are of course a huge number of different bath spout and overflow bath filler combinations to be had. But we do have our favourites that tick all the boxes and that we absolutely love.


Barnaby Concealed Shower Valve, Slide Rail and Overflow Bath Filler

Known as one of the best thermostatic chrome shower bundles on the market, the sleek contemporary design of the Barnaby concealed shower valve, slide rail and overflow bath filler will ensure an accurate thermostatically controlled water flow while giving you a great bath and shower experience.


Crosswater Essence Bath Spout + Wisp Concealed Thermostatic Valve

The combination of the bang on-trend Crosswater Essence Bath Spout with a sleek chrome finish pairs beautifully with the Wisp Concealed Thermostatic Valve to create a constant cascading flow of perfectly temperature controlled water to ensure you enjoy every moment of your bath.


Jemina Concealed Shower Valve, Slide Rail and Overflow Bath Filler

Another unprecedented shower bundle that will transform your showering experience and take it to the next level. Stylish and durable with a thermostatic shower valve, the Jemina Concealed Shower Valve bundle features state-of-the-art anti-scald technology, meaning you can relish a perfectly heated shower that leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean.


Roper Rhodes Sign Bath Spout Shower Kit and Mixer Valve

Innovative and contemporary in design, the Roper Rhodes Sign Bath Spout Shower Bundle certainly won’t disappoint. The heavenly combination of a modern bath spout, manual mixer valve and bath mounted shower kit will ensure your bath is prepared for whatever you throw at it.

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