Heated Demister Bathroom Mirrors

We’ve all experienced the steamy bathroom mirror situation in our bathrooms particularly on colder mornings, whether trying to brush our teeth, do our make up or have a shave it can be a bit of a nuisance, however heated demister bathroom mirrors can be the perfect solution. 

  Due to modern innovation, demister bathroom mirrors offer a practical low energy consumption solution, featuring demister pad technology providing a mist free mirror often 100% effective in less than 2 minutes. Fog on a bathroom mirror is caused by condensation, created by falling air temperature as warm air holds more moisture than cold air. Condensation builds when warm air in the bathroom is heated by your shower to temperatures as much as 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  When saturated hot air comes into contact with your bathroom mirror, which may be as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit (less than the rooms air temperature) moisture begins to produce in the form of condensation, and becomes deposited on the mirrors surface.

To solve this issue many bathroom mirror manufacturers have introduced mirrors that feature demister pads uncompromising on design, yet featuring this must have technology. Demister mirrors feature integrated heated mats that prevent bathroom mirrors from steaming up; the mirror remains crystal clear over the area heated by the mat. Condensation is prevented by raising the surface temperature of the mirror to be the same as, or greater than the temperature of the air in the bathroom.


A demister mirror is normally connected to the bathrooms existing room lighting system or extraction fan circuit.  Demister mirrors are activated by the turning on of a fan or light switch automatically warming up the mirror to keep it steam free, a must have for all bathrooms. At Island Bathrooms we have an extensive range of LED, Fluorescent, and Bluetooth demister pad mirrors supplied from leading brands including Roper Rhodes, Bauhaus, and HiB in a variety of designs and styles.


Roper Rhodes Audio Image Mirror

If you are looking for something a little more interesting to add into your bathroom look no further than the Roper Rhodes Audio-Image Multi-Media Mirror. This highly functional cabinet not only features demister pads, it brings together FM radio and DAB radio for the first time, along with a range of multi-media inputs such as an SD card and USB paired with top quality speakers discreetly placed on either side of the mirror, to provide excellent sound projection.

The cabinet also features a digital display built in that allows for scrolling text and fitted inside is also a shelf where you can store your media devices. There are also a few options for aerials, meaning that you have excellent signal reception at all times. As well as these excellent media options, the glass of this Audio-Image Multi-Media Mirror has a heated pad built behind it to stop the mirror from fogging up and the mirror can also display the date and time.


Phoenix Motion Sensitive LED Mirror

Even more advanced in bathroom technology is the Phoenix Motion Sensitive LED Mirror with heated demister pads, activated by movement. This beautiful mirror features curved edges and is  fitted with a European shaver socket, IP44 rated. This beautiful mirror also features motion sensitive lighting and can be mounted portrait or landscape.

Demister pad mirrors have become increasingly popular and are available in a large variety of shapes and sizes to suit all bathrooms. These are just a few examples of the many demister mirrors you can find online from Drench at fantastic prices.

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