Exploring The Wonderful World Of Coloured Baths

Who knew something as simple as a coloured bath could make such a statement? Drench is here to let you in on the secret and bring you some of the most beautiful coloured baths we could find. Whether it’s a subtle yet classy monochrome look, or a bold and vibrant coloured look you’re going for, we’re talking about some serious bathroom personality!

So sit back, grab a cuppa, and delve into the world of ultimate bathing luxury…


First up: monochromatic beauty. Simple elegance certainly isn’t a thing of the past and luxurious coloured baths begin with the simplest of colours. A glossy black and white bath can sometimes be all you need to add that extra element of contemporary style you’ve been wishing for.


Take for example, the Charlotte Edwards Portobello black freestanding bath. Of course, alike the rest of our range of luxury bath tubs here at Drench, the Charlotte is highly practical. With a fabulous slipper design so you can rest your head at ease and a compact size perfect for smaller bathrooms, this freestanding beauty truly is a work of art. For a world of pure opulence, pair the Charlotte with a freestanding bath shower mixer and bask in the bubbles -  that handy 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee puts your mind at ease too!


There comes a time in life where we need an added sparkle, so why stop there? Why not demand that sparkle in everyday life? The Charlotte Edwards Titan black freestanding bath is the perfect example of the kind of sparkle we all deserve.


It goes without saying that the combination of the Titan’s sleek black finish and its ‘stars in the night sky’ white speckles makes a bold and beautiful statement. Straying away from the traditional black bath design, the Titan adds real ‘pizzazz’ to any bathroom with its double ended design. This luxurious bathtub also comes without pre-drilled tap holes making it the perfect partner for a freestanding bath tap, or a wall mounted bath filler.

Technical Tip: Always check the distances are correct and compatible when purchasing a wall mounted tap with the purpose of using it with a freestanding bath.


No, we’re not talking about the elegant hotel and spa right here at Drench HQ in Bournemouth, we’re referring to this Xana freestanding silver acrylic bath - equally as elegant and spa-like, but not quite as big!


Unique in every way and ridiculously practical, this Xana bath is almost too good to be true. Double skin acrylic ensures that this stunning piece is excellent quality, whilst the silver gloss finish ensures it’s… well, stunning. Protected by a 25 year manufacturer’s guarantee and most definitely stylish enough to be found in The Royal Bath Hotel, the Xana is the Queen of the silver bath world.


It’s no secret that rose gold everything was a huge trend in 2017, but it’s 2018 now and the world has moved onto something even more elegant. Copper. This new uprise in copper style began by infiltrating our kitchens with beautiful copper crockery, then it snuck into our offices in the form of pen pots and other stationery, and now it’s finally come to our bathrooms. It’s time to embrace it!

We begin our journey down this captivating path with the Charlotte Edwards Dione freestanding bath freestanding bath. There’s no denying how breathtaking the copper finish is, and if you don’t believe us then take a look for yourself.


This Charlotte Edwards freestanding copper slipper bath perfectly combines efficiency and style to bring you the most wonderful design. Extremely durable and with extended heat retention, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is finding a floorstanding bath tap or a wall mounted bath filler just as elegant - of course, we’ve got you covered there too.

But, in a case of true suspense we’ve saved the epitome of indulgent copper luxury for last - the BC Designs classic roll top copper boat bath. An aesthetic masterpiece for the highly justifiable price of £2,769.98, this copper boat bath is something most people could only ever dream of having in their home. Here it is, in all its glory, just waiting to make a statement in your dream bathroom.


Our absolute favourite thing about the BC Designs luxury copper bath is its imperfections. Much alike us, baths come with imperfections and this copper bathtub simply embraces them. Made in a traditional hand-crafted manner with a hand polished finish, the personal hard work really does show. Over time the copper will also age so the bath gains its own patina - watch your luxury bath age and become even more beautiful, just as you do the same. Never before has a bath had such character!

If you still need convincing (is that even possible?) then we’d like to draw your attention to the 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee, so you can rest easy as you soak your troubles away in this perfect copper tub.


More and more of our customers come to us with the hope of creating the perfect ‘spa-feel’ bathroom, and who could blame them? There’s no relaxation quite like that of a spa. So, Drench are pleased to bring to you a bath that looks like we stole it straight from a five star wellness centre - (we didn’t, we promise).

The Phoenix Megan luxury freestanding bath and surround is truly captivating with its sleek and calming Arcaccia wood veneer finish. Dim those lights, pop on some rain sounds, light the scented candles, and take a long soak in the tub - before you know it you’ve constructed the perfect home-spa.


Double ended for extra convenience, the Megan modern freestanding bath is bursting with beauty and efficiency. With Amazonite reinforced acrylic and an outer surround constructed from Marine Ply, this luxurious piece will add contemporary perfection to your bathroom. Feel secure for years to come thanks to its water resistance and durability.


We bring our adventure in the world of coloured baths to a close with the truly exquisite BC Designs double-skinned acrylic boat bath.

Believe us here at Drench when we say that you are truly spoiled for choice with this acrylic boat bath as it’s available in over 300 colours. Yes, you read that right, over three hundred colours. If you’re hoping to add a vibrant element full of personality to your bathroom, this luxurious freestanding bathtub is the perfect tool. Simply give our sales team a call to find out how you can select a flawless colour for your BC Designs bathtub.

You can check out all of the colours to choose from on the BC Designs website here.

Alternatively, you can paint this beauty at home yourself, but always be sure to check with us that the paint you’ve chosen is suitable!

Here to Lend a Hand

As always, Drench are here to help in any way you need, so don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions.

Of course, Drench have a wide array of other baths if none of these beauties are the one so be sure to take a look at the rest of our glorious bath tubs here.

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