DIY Guides

  • How to Replace a Bathroom Tap

    Purchasing a brand new bathroom tap (or even pair of bathroom taps) can breathe new life into a tired bathroom. Whether you’re going for something traditional, such as a pair of crosshead basin taps, or you’re going for a sleek minimalist look with a waterfall mono basin mixer, it’s a reasonably simple task to replace your previous bathroom tap.
  • How To Fit A Shower Screen

    Fitting a shower screen is something many people will shy away from. However, with the right DIY knowledge, it's a job many people can tackle themselves. We take you through how you can fit your own shower or bath screen.
  • How To Clean A Shower Head

    Keeping your shower head clean is vital to ensure your shower continues to work as it should. Here we take you through our top methods for cleaning your shower head.
  • How To Fit A Toilet Seat

    Fitting a new toilet seat is one of the cheapest ways to give your bathroom a refresh. In this guide we outline how you can easily remove your old seat and fit your new toilet seat.
  • How To Prevent Bathroom Mould

    Mould is not only unsightly, it's a hazard to health. For that reason, it's important to take steps to prevent it in your bathroom. Here we outline some simple ways you can prevent the growth of mould in your bathroom, to keep it looking its very best!
  • How To Fit A Shower Tray

    The shower tray is a vital part of any shower enclosure. Whether an adjustable height shower tray or low profile shower tray for your swanky new wetroom – installation poses an intriguing challenge. If you want to flex your DIY muscles, check out this comprehensive guide on proper shower tray fitting.
  • Smelly Sink: How To Fix Smelly Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks

    Living in a bustling family home with a well used bathroom and kitchen can often conjure up a few interesting smells, and you can find yourself playing detective to a game called “What’s that Smell?” Fortunately a smelly bathroom or kitchen sink can be easy to resolve. Here are a few simple tips as to how this can be done.
  • How to Organise Your Bathroom Efficiently

    If you're seeking some top tips for bathroom organisation, you're in the right place. Gary Lyons, Managing Director at storage specialists Plastic Box Shop weighs in with some of his key methods for managing your bathroom storage and keeping everything organised & tidy.
  • How to Descale and Clean a Tap Cartridge

    If you're unsure on the specifics of how to descale and clean your tap cartridge, look no further than this handy guide. You're bound to be an expert on cleaning tap cartridges at the end of this article so knuckle down and get ready for some super useful knowledge!
  • Cramer: Our Favourite Bathroom Cleaning Products

    There is an incredible amount of choice when it comes to bathroom cleaning products. Let us make it easy for you: pick the very best and go for Cramer. Dive into this product-based blog where we share with you the various products that make Cramer our favourite bathroom cleaning brand.
  • Balancing Radiators: The Ultimate Guide

    There is never a bad time to balance your home radiators – it’s how you ensure your radiators are performing at their best and that your boiler is dispersing heated water throughout your home evenly. Join the Drench experts today as we take you through this simple yet invaluable DIY skill.
  • How to Clean Your Black Bathroom Taps

    Black bathroom taps are one of our most popular products and it's easy to see why. They are superbly stylish, understated and the perfect addition to any bathroom. However, certain black tap finishes require a more delicate cleaning approach. Dive in and discover how to keep your black taps pristine.
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