Current and Top Bathroom Trends

2014 so far has seen a constant influx of interior design trends that we can’t help but desire for every room in our homes, with the bathroom being no exception. In this article we excavate into the current top bathroom trends currently captivating the bathroom industry and home owners all over the country...

Whether completely renovating or updating your existing bathroom, these modern bathroom trends are sure to give a facelift to any bathroom big or small. From Jacuzzi baths to living walls and brass ware, our bathroom experts have put together this creative guide full of inspirational ideas sure to help you  add a little wow factor into your bathroom.


Spa Inspired Bathrooms

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the noise in the street, the telephones ringing at work and our addiction to anything technological namely cell phones, it’s often difficult for us to break away and enter a place of deep relaxation. We all love a visit to the local spa, a place of total tranquillity, a place to relax, think, recharge and claim authority over the run away, and cloudy neurosis of our everyday lives.

Many people not just for the luxury, but for health benefits are having spa style bathrooms installed, so they can relax and recharge in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. A spa bathroom is not a spa bathroom without the essential Jacuzzi Bath. Jaccuzi baths available from leading manufacturer Jacuzzi and are the epitome of indulgence. Featuring a series of powerful water jets built into the bathtub that can be turned on and off with the click of a button, provide an ultimately relaxing experience.

Jacuzzi baths are available in a selection of shapes and sizes to suit all bathrooms and are surprisingly not as expensive as one might assume, achieving the spa style bathroom can be done cost effectively.



Living Walls

A new trend to hit the UK is living walls. Living walls in the bathroom offer a breathtaking sense of total relaxation bringing one closer to nature. Simply stunning, living walls add a sense of vibrancy and life into the bathroom that would be difficult to achieve in any other way.

Living walls, also known as bio-walls, eco-walls, or vertical gardens are a wall partially or completely covered in vegetation, along with a growing medium such as soil with many featuring integrated water delivery systems. Living walls are typically found freestanding or attached externally to the home, however this growing trend is seeing them being bought into the home.


Wet rooms

Wet rooms have become an increasingly popular trend in homes all across the UK, offering a host of benefits. One of the main reasons wet rooms are so popular is because they are ideal for space saving, especially if you have a small bathroom. Wet rooms eliminate the need for a separate shower cubicle or enclosure which can constrict movement particularly in smaller bathrooms.

Wet rooms are also very practical, particularly for people with mobility issues as they eliminate the need to step up into a shower cubicle. Another reason many people like wet rooms is that they can be easier to clean, due to the fact there are fewer fiddly surfaces and corners to worry about.

With an increasing range of bathroom suites available, there are plenty of designs to choose from to create exactly the look you want.


Revolutionary Shower heads

Hand-in-hand with wet rooms and the spa inspired bathroom revolutionary shower heads can turn daily shower routines into the ultimate spa like experience. Technological advances means new and innovative showers offer a better performance with spray patterns that dispense water more quickly and evenly, they’re also easy to clean by simply brushing the nozzles. There are two absolutely superb innovative shower heads by leading manufacturer Crosswater, these are Glide and Zion.

The Crosswater Zion Showerhead is a new chrome brass showerhead providing the best spray coverage per area also featuring an ultra modern design. Chromotherapy has proved that colours in the bathroom can influence our mood and coloured showerheads are no exception. The Rio showerhead from Crosswater is operated by a remote with sleek LED lighting and a unique centre rain effect shower, which flows from the centre with a side waterfall. Chromotherapy balances energy and achieves spa wellness with the collection of illuminating showerheads, for a revolutionary LED light showering experience.


Mosaic Patterns

Mosaic patterns Mosaic tiles are ideal for introducing colour into your bathroom be it around the bathing, showering or sink area. Using the mosaic tiles in the floor or wall of the bathroom can help transform the appearance of a bathroom quite dramatically and can be a cost effective way to do a bathroom makeover. Mosaic tiles are a great way to add texture and drama to a bathroom.

Many people think of mosaic tiles as needing to be small when in fact mosaic tiles are available in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and can create a look as bold or as subtle as you want it to be. Mosaic is very decorative whether choose to add just one stripe of shell mosaic tile to a wall or cover the whole bathroom with it including the bathtub mosaic tiles provides great aesthetic appeal.


Natural Materials

What can make one feel more at nature than they already are in the bare privacy of their bathroom than the introduction of natural materials. Wooden mirrors or accessories have always been a popular material to add into the bathroom however natural isn’t wood exclusive. Natural materials bring an earthy feel to a bathroom, evoking a calm and spa like atmosphere.

For your bathroom walls, tongue-and-groove panelling adds texture to the bathroom, especially if all white. On a lower level, painted floorboards are ideal for creating an uneven and worn effect, with a lived-in feel. Natural wooden furniture, either solid wood or in a composite material such as MDF covered with a high quality veneer has become a very popular option in bathroom furniture finishes. With an extensive choice of wooden, bathroom furniture available including oak, walnut and wenge you can be sure to turn your bathroom into a far more comfortable and relaxing space.


Hotel Glam

The popularity of hotel bathroom design combined with the importance of wellbeing and relaxation has increased the demand for innovative wellness products for a luxurious and therapeutic experience at home. Hotel inspired decor has long ruled the bedroom, and can now be found in some of the world’s most prestigious hotels en suite bathrooms, so why not bring the glamour it home? Glamorous hotel style bathrooms offer a feeling of total relaxation and allow us to reminisce and recreate memories of times where we have escaped away from it all.

From complete bathroom suite packages, to shower enclosures, beautiful taps, bathroom accessories and lighting you can find all you need to create a hotel inspired bathroom at Drench.



Monochrome Themes

Clean and clinical, simple monochrome decor is ideal for the modern bathroom. Variations of the same colour throughout the room, paired with sleek polished or matte tiles provides a lustrous, tasteful and classy appeal and a trend that has been popular for many years and is likely to remain timeless in appeal.


Waterfall Taps

Waterfall taps for your bathroom basin or bath provide a stylish way to add a little wow factor into your bathroom, and are becoming increasingly popular and very affordable. Waterfall taps hence the name provide a calming, cascading waterfall effect that makes washing, shaving and cleaning your teeth something to look forward to.

Waterfall taps are available from many leading manufacturers such as Vado, Crosswater and Drench featuring a plethora of modern and unique designs. Many waterfall taps are part of a series so you can coordinate your chosen look throughout your entire bathroom from basin mixers, bath fillers and freestanding bath taps to wall mounted bath spouts, waterfall taps are ideal for creating a beautiful and relaxing bathing environment.


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