Choosing the Right Basin Waste

A waste is required for all bathroom basins, designed to fit snug within the standard hole located in your basin, wastes act as an exit for waste water and to help keep your plumbing system free of foreign objects, or anything that could cause a blockage.  Now you just need to figure out whether you need a slotted or un slotted waste.

If your basin has a built in overflow you will need a slotted waste, whereas if your basin does not have an overflow then you will need an unslotted waste. It is crucial to get this right as slotted wastes are not suitable for basins without an overflow, simply because they will not fit. This is the same for unslotted waste; they will not fit basins that have an overflow.


Different types of wastes

Still popular, the traditional plug and chain waste is a classic choice however, many modern basin designs may not have a hole for the chain attachment so it is worth checking first. Another popular option is pop up wastes. Pop up wastes function by the use of a lever which is pulled up to lower the waste plug and pushed down to raise it.

Modern design has brought about new waste options such as clicker or push button wastes, operated by simply pushing down on the central button allowing the basin to fill then pushing again when finished to open. The push button waste system is very popular with modern minimalistic bathrooms as they are simple and easy to use.

Flip top basin wastes are also popular for use with modern basins and is ideal for complimenting the minimalistic bathroom. The flip-top basin waste which is controlled by revolving the stopper is hinged on two sides vertically (as above) the stopper can be left flat to act as a plug or rotated to allow water to drain.

What are bottle traps?

Bottle traps are a must have for all basins, they are an essential part of any waste system, as it provides a seal between the waste water pipe work and under the sink internally preventing any unpleasant smells from entering. Many traps also feature a removable bowl which is accessible should any blockages occur. Traps come in all shapes and sizes, with standard fittings that are suited to most basins.


Crosswater Free Flow Basin Waste - Unslotted

The Crosswater Free Flow Basin Waste  is manufactured from solid brass, features a beautiful chrome finish and is ideal for all modern basin designs that don't have an integrated overflow. This easy to clean waste is strong, durable and backed by the Crosswater's 15 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Crosswater Odour Free Click Clack Waste - Unslotted

This odour free click clack waste is brought to you by Crosswater, offers effective performance and has a sparkling chrome finish and is made from superior materials backed by Crosswater’s 15 year guarantee. Its odour free design will stop any nasty smells coming back up through the plug hole thanks to the rubber seal used. Unslotted, it's used for basins without an overflow. This is a must have for all modern bathroom basins.

crosswater-bsw0108c-cutout Crosswater Odour Free Unslotted Click Clack Basin Waste. Click here for the slotted version if your basin has an overflow

Crosswater Square Click Clack Basin Waste - Slotted

This modern chrome plated square pop up slotted basin waste by Crosswater is not only durable and easy to use it also looks superb. Square in shape, this waste is perfect for geometrically styled bathrooms. It's slotted to use with basins that have an overflow hole. And it's backed by the Crosswater 15 year manufacturers guarantee.

Pura Flip Waste - Slotted

This finely crafted manually operated flip top basin waste is made from high quality brass with a beautiful chrome plated finish, perfect for modern bathrooms. Slotted, it's suitable for basins with an overflow hole. If you don't have an overflow hole, they also make an unslotted version.

pura-fw100-cutout Pura Slotted Basin Flip Top Waste. Click here for the unslotted version.

If you have any questions or need help in choosing the right basin or bath waste for you, our super friendly bathroom experts are here. Give us a call on 01202 612 800, email us on hello@drench.co.uk or use our live chat feature in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

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