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What is a Heavy-Duty ArmourCast Bath and Why Would You Want One?

Only relatively recently, an acrylic bath was a flimsy affair, bowing in the middle as soon as you sat or stood in it. The only viable alternatives were enamelled steel or cast iron, both of which are cold and expensive, and the latter requires either a crane or the participants of Britain's Strongest Man to get in place in your home.

A bit of an exaggeration perhaps, but nevertheless there was certainly a gap in the market for a strong, affordable bath that you could confidently stand up and shower in even when you've had a big dinner without worrying about ending up legs-dangling through the ceiling above the kitchen.


Heavy Duty Acrylic Baths

Today's acrylic baths are by-and-large pretty good. Most are reinforced with plenty of fibreglass encapsulation, which is literally sprayed on to the underside of the bath during the manufacturing process. Chipboard and a wood/steel frame adds rigidity, resulting in a decent bath at a low price point.

However, if you want something that little bit more solid, the type that gives a reassuring thunk when you give it a knock, have a look at our range of ArmourCast heavy duty baths.

ArmourCast baths are a type of acrylic bath manufactured from a thick sheet of Lucite® acrylic (a type of acrylic material with excellent strength and thermal properties). They are then reinforced with at least 7 layers of resin and fibreglass encapsulation, resulting in a ultra-strong heavy duty bath that will last for years, if not a lifetime (they are guaranteed for 25 years).


We have worked very hard on making ArmourCast baths as affordable as possible. Compared with other heavy duty acrylic baths (Carronite, for example, is a very similar type of bath that we can also supply) there are savings of about 30% to be made.

Don't let this fool you into think the quality is in any way inferior. Carronite baths tend to have a few extra middlemen in the process. Our ArmourCast baths are reassuringly solid; do not flex or bow; and have a lovely finish.

Incidentally, we sell more ArmourCast baths than any other type - even basic (cheaper) standard acrylic baths. If you are going to spend a little extra on something in your bathroom, the bath is an excellent place to start.

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