The Best Showers for Combi Boilers

Welcome to the exhilarating latest entry into the Drench blog, where this week we check out the best showers for combi boilers. There’s never been so much choice when it comes to shower systems and, lucky for you, Drench’s expansive online store has the very best.

Stick with us as we first define what a combi boiler is, for those who do not know, then move onto the most suitable shower systems which you may wish to kit out your home with and why.


What is a Combi Boiler?

Before we dive specifically into the combi boiler, let’s clarify the 2 other main types of boiler system typically found in UK homes.

First, older homes may feature a gravity boiler system consisting of a cold water tank located in the loft and water cylinder in an airing cupboard on the first floor of the property. The water is brought down and heated en route to the shower. This is the oldest common boiler system and notorious for lacking water pressure – though this can be resolved with the use of shower pumps.

The second system, seen in modern homes, is the unvented boiler system. In this setup, a high pressure immersion boiler links to a water cylinder for efficient heating of high volumes of water.

The combi boiler is perhaps most common in newer homes and quite different to the 2 options just discussed. The combi boiler consists of a boiler without tanks or water cylinders, simply heating water as and when you need it.

If you have a small sized boiler somewhere throughout your home and no dedicated hot and cold water tanks then you can be certain of it being a combi boiler. Also, it should say it all over the manual!

If you do not have a combi boiler, do not worry – get in touch with us and we will be able to recommend an alternative to any of the fantastic showers we are about to reveal.



What Implications Do Combi Boilers Present Showers?

Combi boilers are regarded for providing the most reliable and high-pressure water supply, and can be combined with a shower mixer to up the amount of hot water available on demand. They are highly configurable when it comes to pressure, with most offering 1-5 bar pressure settings.

Combi boilers run off mains pressure and the result is a boiler that is dependable across electric, digital and mixer showers. Those with a larger hot water supply due to boiler size may prefer a mixer shower, thanks to the sheer power of its flow and boost capability over electric and digital shower systems.

Mixer showers open up multiple shower heads firing off a single shower delivery, and are a great way to maximise water efficiency within your home. They also look fantastic and provide an unrivalled showering experience.

Perhaps a mixer shower for the master bathroom and smaller electric showers throughout your home’s secondary bathrooms? Let’s help you make the most of your combi boiler...


Drench Recommends…

So, our combi boiler-possessing home bathroom renovators – now that we have clarified your boiler variant, which of our thousands of showers for combi boilers may be best for you?

We thought about splitting our selections into each of the main types of shower including manual mixer shower, thermostatic mixer shower, electric shower, power shower, digital shower and the space-age smart showers that are becoming more and more popular – but we know you have stuff to do and so do we, believe it or not!

As such, we decided that a simple way to present the main variants of shower system available would be by separating our selection into exposed showers and concealed showers with a range of the above shower types featured in each.

We’ve also gathered showers that for the most part run at full performance on 1 bar pressure, enabling you to minimise the output of your combi boiler and save a great amount on energy bills while enjoying showers at full pelt.


Exposed Showers & Concealed Showers Explained

The difference here is simple but key.

With exposed shower systems, you will see all of the valve body located external to the wall with only the piping stored within. Elements of the piping may also feature external to the mounting wall for aesthetic purposes. The most common valves seen in the exposed shower is the bar valve.

Then, as you can guess, concealed shower systems feature only the controls on the mounting wall. All of the valves and pipework are located within the wall. The result is a sleek and stylish setup that is incredibly neat and minimal. Each option has its perks, so let’s start our shower showcase for combi boilers and see which style takes your fancy.


Best Concealed Showers for Combi Boilers

Archie Concealed Shower Valve, Fixed Shower Head & Handset Kit


Let’s kick off our concealed shower selection with the Archie Concealed Shower Valve, Fixed Shower Head & Handset Kit. For £189.98, you enjoy a thermostatic shower valve with diverter and handset by Drench, as well as all mounting kit and choice of three sizes of square shower head.

The handset present here features a cubist aesthetic echoed in the squared presentation of the control unit. This style is then literally topped off by an impressively large square shower head for incredible water coverage.

Vellamo Twist Matt Black Shower Package

Next is the Vellamo Twist Matt Black Shower Package with 2 Outlet Valve, Fixed Head & Arm & Wall Shower Kit for just £399.98. Displaying incredible value for money, this Vellamo setup in its demure matt black finish is a great option for those experimenting with black bathroom units.

The valve featured in this package also exhibits the potential of ceramic disc technology that prevents excess water dripping, features automatic water shut down safety features in the event of cold water failure, and comes with a solid 10 year guarantee. The hose is constructed of highest quality PVC for a kink-free, anti-bacterial shower experience.

Best Exposed Showers for Combi Boilers

Any of these shower systems will maximise the output of your combination boiler so stay tuned if you’re still waiting to see the system that stops you in your tracks and sends that bathroom renovating brain of yours into design overdrive.

First up is the Vellamo Twist Exposed Dual Outlet Rigid Riser Thermostatic Shower Set, finished in polished chrome with easy-clean rubber jets. This bar valve extends to a simple, clean chrome extension holding one permanent head with swivel joint and one detachable head for sideward cleaning simplicity. It’s also guaranteed for life, a fantastic provision by Vellamo at such low pricing.

Next is the Harbour Status Matt Black Thermostatic Exposed Shower Kit. As with our concealed shower version, this Harbour Status unit features leading ceramic disc technology in its height-adjustable rigid riser construction. The matt black effect across the entire piece is absolutely stunning – never has it been so affordable to create such a stylish black shower.

When it Boil(er)s Down to it…

At the end of the day, you have an incredible amount of choice when it comes to what shower to fit to your combi boiler. These boilers heat water as needed, and run great at just 1 bar pressure, meaning you can use a powerful mixer shower with full flow and save money while enjoying your new shower. Just check the water flow in litres per minute as listed on each of our shower pages!

Whilst the majority of the shower systems we have featured are dual valve, there is no reason to stop here. We stock valves with up to 5 output capability, opening up the possibility of side jet shower fittings and many more innovative shower functions.

We hope you enjoyed this serene selection of exposed showers and concealed showers to best suit your combi boiler system. If you have absolutely any query, please do not hesitate to reach out to us right here.


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