Crittall Shower Screens: 6 of the Best Black Framed Showers

Crittall Shower Screens Explained

You've almost certainly heard of Crittall windows before. But what about using them in your home interior? Black framed shower doors are all the rage right now, especially when used as a stunning feature in your ultra-contemporary or art-deco bathroom.

Better still, Crittall shower screens will no longer cost you thousands of pounds to have like in recent years. Our Harbour Status collection of bold and black showers brings together the classic Crittall-style with quality and affordability. 

What’s This Crittall Business?

Crittall is a popular English manufacturer of steel-framed windows with over 300 years of heritage, based today in Witham, Essex.

So popular in fact, they are the world’s leading supplier of steel windows. In recent time their signature style of framed glass windows and doors has made its way with great momentum into the realm of DIY bathroom decorating.


More and more of our customers are asking if we have any Crittall showers – so much so that the brand name has become an adjective all in itself.

Well, we’re delighted to say Drench is a solid supporter of the Crittall interior style movement and here we share with you some of the finest results of our Harbour Status Crittall products, all available from our expansive online store.

Take a Peek

Leading bathroom brand Harbour has produced this range to bring existing fans and introduce new admirers to the signature Crittall style within their home bathrooms.

They’ve done this with a fantastic variation of shower doors and panels that may not seem drastically different, yet can make a world of difference to your bathroom design with their simple, iconic design.

Harbour Status Meets Crittall Style


First up, we have the Harbour Status Matt Black Framed Easy Clean 8mm Pivot Shower Door and Optional Side Panel available for just £799.99.


This matt black framed shower door features 8mm toughened safety glass with an easy clean Aqua Shield coating and a pivot door for easy user access.

Interestingly, the signature steel of Crittall is replaced in this case by powder coated aluminium to withstand daily wet use.

An optional side panel is available and, as you’d expect from anything with the Crittall design, the product comes with a lifetime manufacturer guarantee.


Next, it’s the Harbour Status Matt Black Framed Easy Clean 8mm Walk-In Single Shower Panel, also just £799.99.


This slick piece of equipment is built the same as our first product yet comes in a single panel design – perfect for corner showers and half-panel elongated shower designs.

You could also throw two together for a dual Crittall shower panel set-up that’s one of a kind. Available in two widths of 900 and 1000mm, this walk-in shower screen is simple yet powerful when it comes to your bathroom design. Use it wisely!


From pivot door to single panel, now we come to one of Harbour Status’ most impressive pieces – the Harbour Status Matt Black Framed Easy Clean 8mm Pivot Shower Door with Inline Panel and Optional Side Panel starting from £1,139.99.


This black framed shower screen is an absolutely remarkable unit unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. So simple yet so refined, this is the apex of Crittall shower enclosures with its optional side panel offering complete flexibility.


The fourth black shower frame we're sharing today is the Harbour Status Matt Black Framed Easy Clean 8mm Walk-In Double Shower Panel at £949.99.


This unit is much like the single Crittall Shower Panel showcased above – yet features a framed walk-through created by a single horizontal aluminium support bar. The result is an elegantly framed corner shower that gathers centuries of timeless Crittall style and condenses it into your bathroom. Spectacular!

Just a Little Crittall

Of course, there are many products that touch upon a similar aesthetic to Crittall windows and the Harbour Status adaptations we have just shared. These don’t necessarily cost as much, whilst still offering buckets of industrial panache.

Let’s check out a few of the “Semi-Crittall” bits we have in the Drench store, all of which are conveniently by the same Harbour Status brand…


First, the Harbour Status Matt Black Frame 10mm Easy Clean Walk-In Panel with Frosted Glass that costs £749.99.

Two metres tall with a 5 year manufacturer guarantee, this black shower panel features safety glass that’s 2mm thicker than the previous Crittall pieces. The frosted design is demure yet dashing, providing the perfect blend of privacy and style.


If frosted glass isn't your cup of tea, this black shower frame is available with in a variety of options from crystal clear to bronze glass.


The other crittall-inspired piece we’ve selected is this Harbour Status Matt Black Frame 10mm Easy Clean Walk-In Panel that costs just £539.99 - the most affordable of the Harbour Status collection.

Here you have every same quality as the previous piece yet with a clear glass construction. You can admire the décor of your new bathroom even while you’re in the shower!


You can also change up your bathroom palette in a uniquely aquatic manner with the Harbour Status Matt Black Frame 10mm Easy Clean Blue Glass Walk-In Panel, also £749.99.

The Future is Crittall

2018 is undoubtedly the year in which Crittall designs have exploded into the home bathroom market. Now it’s everywhere, we look forward to seeing many more inspired pieces, no doubt many of which will be featured in our complete Harbour Status shower range.

We should also point out that the majority of these Crittall shower screens are made bespoke to order. Once ordered, they are non-returnable and non-refundable! Not that you’d ever want to...

Extend Your Crittall Vibe

Choosing to add a splash of black in your bathroom does require some thought and planning. True, you could just purchase a Crittall shower, place it into your space and it'll look fantastic. But what will really set apart your bathroom from the rest is clever use of complementary black brassware and accessories. Check out our black bathroom Ideas board here for more inspiration and ideas.

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